Allowing staff to maintain student information can be a great way to keep the student information up to date. Some schools prefer to keep these privileges for specific staff members and administrators only. See the chart below to learn more about access and privileges based on staff user type.

School administrators can turn these privileges on and off as desired for each staff member right from the web or mobile app!

Please note that you will only be able to enable editing permissions and admin permissions for staff members who have email addresses added to their profiles.

Enable Edit Access from the Web

  1. Navigate to the Staff section of the website

  2. Click on the name of the desired staff member or click Options > View/Edit

  3. Click Edit in the Permissions section

  4. Check the Edit Student Information box

  5. Save your changes

Enable Edit Access from the Mobile App

  1. Log in to your brightwheel app and navigate to the Administrator Home screen

  2. Tap on School Profile

  3. Choose the Staff card at the topof the screen

  4. Select the staff member you wish to edit

  5. Scroll down to Permissions

  6. Toggle on/off Edit information

Default Permissions

The default for new Staff being created is “OFF” - new Staff will not be able to edit Student Profile by default; Admin will need to turn it on if they want to do so.

*Note: While Staff without Admin privileges will only be able to see Students in their assigned Rooms on the app, they will be able to view all Student Profiles in the school on the web, regardless of assigned Rooms. If you do not want Staff to be able to view all Student Profiles, we recommend leveraging our Room Device feature.

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