Managing your staff and teachers in brightwheel is easy and intuitive! You can easily add new staff to brightwheel with or without an email address.  Once an email address has been added and the invites sent out, the staff will receive instructions on how to finish setting up their new account!  

For some centers, you may only want staff to have permission to interact with certain rooms which can be edited easily on the web or mobile app.  We also have a great library of training resources and videos to help get your Staff up to speed after they've joined!

Teacher and Staff Setup

Access and Privileges

All account Admins are able control the permissions and access of their staff to perform certain actions such as editing student information.  The default permissions for Staff is to be able to Edit Student Information; Admins will have to remove this if needed.  Additionally, Admins will have the ability to give admin privileges to any active staff member.

Deleting or removing staff members is handled by Admins as well.

Access and Privileges

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