Staff Management Overview

Learn about how to add, manage, and remove Staff/Teachers within brightwheel

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Managing staff and teachers in brightwheel is easy and intuitive! Staff can easily be added to brightwheel with or without an email address.  Once an email address has been added and the invites sent out, the staff will receive instructions on how to finish setting up their new account!  

Some centers may only want staff to have permission to interact with certain rooms which can be edited easily on the web or mobile app.

📚 Check out our in-depth Teacher Training Overview that includes relevant resources and videos to help staff get up to speed after they've joined!

Teacher and Staff Setup

Roles and Permissions

Program administrators and managers are able to create new staff accounts and update existing accounts for staff members. They can then assign a specific role to each staff account depending on the level of access they should have at the program.

Administrators can manage all staff while Managers can manage all except Administrators.

Admins and Managers also are able to delete/remove staff members.

Staff Reports

Administrators can pull various reports related to staff data within the reports section of the brightwheel web app.

  1. Time Summary Report - Generate the total number of regular hours and overtime hours a staff member has worked in a specific date range.

  2. Timecard Report - Review and edit staff timecard attendance.

  3. Custom Staff Report - Pull staff profile data and organize that data in a way that best fits your program. Review our Custom Reports Help Center article for more details.

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