Submitting your roster via brightwheel's roster upload tool on the web app is the fastest way to add all of your students, their personal information, and any additional student contacts you would like to add. This can be done in as little as one day!

Table of Contents:

Important Information

We understand that you may not have all the information that can be added to brightwheel on hand immediately. That's why we have made our requirements as minimal as possible! The only information required to be on the roster import for each student is:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Homeroom

This is to ensure that you will be able to start logging actions and activities immediately after the roster has been imported. But there is so much more you can do!

Brightwheel will accept your file in whatever format it is submitted, as long as the minimal information is present and there are at least 10 students. The preferred file format is Excel or CSV.  The only exception is handwritten rosters due to the potential margin of error. 

For the fastest turnaround time and most accurate import, we highly recommend using our template:

  • Excel - Download the excel version of our simple template here

  • Google Sheet - If you do not have access to Excel, you can make a copy of this Google Sheet, simply click File > Make a Copy and then add your information.

  • CSV - To download a CSV version of our template, click here.

Please read this important information about using our Roster Upload tool:

  1. We do not send invites to student contacts. This can be done from your web app after your roster upload is complete. See how here.

  2. Many schools that invite parents do a basic setup using our template and then request that their parents populate their child’s profile with more detailed info (i.e. birthday, allergies, emergency contacts, additional guardians, etc.). Alternatively, you can resubmit an updated roster to be uploaded to your account. Be sure to follow the steps outlined here to ensure that your updating roster is properly imported.

  3. At any time you can add additional info to your account, via the web or mobile app; including teachers, parents, and individual student profile info.

  4. We offer 1 upload for Free accounts and unlimited uploads for Premium customers.

How to Submit Your Roster

Once your file is ready, it's easy to securely send us your file. We will review the file and import it, typically within 2 business days. It's important that you are logged into the school account for which this upload is intended. 

  1. Log in to your school's web app

  2. Click to expand the My School tab and select Students

  3. Click the Submit Roster button

  4. Click Submit your roster to choose your file

  5. Once the file is chosen, you will see this confirmation message:

Exporting from Third-Party Systems

Coming to brightwheel from another platform?  We are happy to help you get that roster exported from them and quickly send it to us using the above instructions. 

Review our Roster Exports from Other Systems resource and find the appropriate steps for the system you are moving from!

Simple Roster Fields

  • *first_name - Student's first name.

  • *last_name - Student's last name.

  • *homeroom - This is the student's primary room assignment, there can only be one homeroom assignment per student. 

  • parent_1_first_name

  • parent_1_last_name

  • parent_1_email

  • parent_1_mobile_phone

  • emergency_contact_1_first_name

  • emergency_contact_1_last_name

  • emergency_contact_1_phone

  • emergency_contact_1_relationship

*These fields are required

Advanced Roster Fields

Brightwheel has additional fields that can be completed or left blank as needed per student. You can find our advanced template in the following locations: 

  • Excel - Download the excel version of our advanced template here

  • Google Sheet - If you do not have access to Excel, you can make a copy of this Google Sheet, simply click File > Make a Copy and then add your information.

  • CSV - To download a CSV version of our template, click here.

The following fields can help you complete more of the student's profile quickly. These can also be added or updated in bulk at a later time. The fields below are grouped based on where they appear in the student's profile

Student Identification

The following two fields are not viewable on the student profile but are used when exporting and importing roster uploads to update student information and prevent duplicating profiles. If a student is already in your brightwheel account, do not change or remove these columns.

  • brightwheel_id - Brightwheel assigns a unique ID to every student once they are created in your school. If you are creating new students, leave this field blank, and use your Roster Export to use these IDs to edit students in bulk. More on bulk editing here.

Personal Information

These fields pertain explicitly to the individual student. Please pay close attention to the descriptions as our import tool requires specific formatting. 

  • first_name - Student's first name.

  • *last_name - Student's last name.

  • birthdate - Student's date of birth, formatted as M/D/YYYY.

  • gender - At this time our system is limited to "male", "female", or "other".

  • race - This field allows for any combination of the following entries - if selecting more than use, separate with a semi-colon:  American Indian or Alaska Native, Black or African American, White, Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Other Asian, Middle Eastern or North African, Native Hawaiian, Samoan, Chamarro, Other Pacific Islander, Some Other Race

  • ethnicity - Please enter either Hispanic, Latino or Spanish Origin OR Not of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish Origin

  • allergies - Enter all student allergies here, if there is a valid entry, you will see allergy badges on student profiles.

  • notes - Notes are a great way to document special needs or any other useful information about this student or family. This is a free-form field.

  • medications - This is a free form field, enter any medications necessary here. 

  • doctor_name - Doctor's full name.

  • doctor_phone - Doctor's phone number. 


Each student should be assigned to one homeroom, they can also be assigned to additional rooms that they may be moved into and out of throughout the day. 

  • *homeroom - This is the student's primary room assignment, there can only be one homeroom assignment per student. 

  • room_1 - Adding additional room assignments to students allows you to check them in/out and move them between rooms throughout the day. Simply add a new column to the sheet and use the room_1 header, this will allow you to add as many rooms as you would like by changing the 1 to a 2, or 3, 4, 5, etc in different columns

School Details

The school details information will only be visible to staff members. This is where you can enter specific information that you may need for reporting and tracking.

  • enrollment_status - Enter the student's status as Lead, Toured, Applied, Waitlist, Prospect, Active, Inactive, Graduated, or Removed. We are not able to accept custom entries for this field at this time. 

  • meal_type - Assigning a meal type is a big help for CACFP reporting, choose one of the following entries:  not_specified, free, reduced, paid, or leave the field blank.

  • student_id - Use this field to enter a student ID that your school has used in the past or wants to use in the future, this is a free form field, so enter what works for you, or leave it blank.


Enter the address where the student resides. 

  • street_1 - Student's street address.

  • street_2  - Any other address information such as PO Box, suite, or apartment number.

  • City - City name

  • state - Please use the two-letter abbreviation for the state. 

  • country - Please use the two-letter abbreviation for the country (ie: US).

  • zip - Student's zip code.

Enrollment Details

All the following fields relate to the student's enrollment and family's contact with the school.

  • first_contact_date - When the family first contacted the school (M/D/YYYY).

  • toured_date - When the family toured the school (M/D/YYYY).

  • paperwork_date - When all required paperwork was completed (M/D/YYYY).

  • desired_start_date - The date the family would like the student to start attending (M/D/YYYY).

  • enrollment_date - The date the student actually started attending (M/D/YYYY).

  • graduation_date - The date the student left the school (M/D/YYYY).

  • expected_birth_date - For expecting parents, enter the anticipated birthdate (M/D/YYYY).

  • sibling_attending - If the student has or will have a sibling attending enter TRUE, otherwise enter FALSE

  • enrollment_additional_details - Enter any additional information needed regarding this student's enrollment.

Financial Details

This set of fields allows you to import family income and subsidy information for each student. 

  • family_income - Choose one of the following options and enter as seen here: Below 25,000 per year, 25,000 to 50,000 per year, 50,000 to 75,000 per year, 75,000 to 100,000 per year, 100,000 to 125,000 per year, 125,000 and above

  • subsidy - If the student receives a subsidy, enter TRUE, otherwise enter FALSE

  • subsidy_details - Enter any additional information needed regarding this student's subsidy.

Adding Student Contacts
Student contacts are not required when uploading your roster, but this makes a huge difference in student and staff involvement! You are able to add as many contacts as you would like, simply use the headers listed below.  If you want to add more than one, simply change the 1 after the contact title to a 2, or 3, 4, 5, etc. 

When adding this information, please enter the minimum of first and last name per contact. If you would like these users to be able to create their own accounts, be sure to include an email address or valid US or Canadian mobile number.  The other two phone number fields are free form, you can input any additional numbers you would like there. 

  • parent_1_first_name

  • parent_1_last_name

  • parent_1_email

  • parent_1_mobile_phone

  • parent_1_phone_1

  • parent_1_phone_2

  • family_1_last_name

  • family_1_email

  • family_1_mobile_phone

  • family_1_phone_1

  • family_1_phone_2

  • approved_pickup_1_first_name

  • approved_pickup_1_last_name

  • approved_pickup_1_email

  • approved_pickup_1_mobile_phone

  • approved_pickup_1_phone_1

  • approved_pickup_1_phone_2

  • emergency_contact_1_first_name

  • emergency_contact_1_last_name

  • emergency_contact_1_phone

  • emergency_contact_1_relationship

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