Brightwheel offers an easy way to manage brightwheel across multiple schools or locations with our Multi-location Manager. As the multi-location administrator, or Super Administrator, you have full access to all schools from a convenient drop down on the web - where you can access & manage rosters, reports, staff, and billing.

Set Up a Multi-Location Organization

  1. For each of your locations, create a unique brightwheel school account using a unique email address. You can create these accounts on the web or via the mobile apps. We recommend using the director's email address at each location.

  2. Once all of your locations are set up, send a message to with:

  • Each of the email addresses used in Step 1

  • The email addresses that you would like to use for access to the Multi-Location Manager; these should be brightwheel accounts already (either owner or administrator users).

Switch Between Locations

Once your Multi-location Manager has been setup, you'll log into your Super Admin account and use the drop-down located at the top of the screen to switch between each location.

In addition, you new Super Admin account will allow you to jump between locations on your mobile app as well!

To assist in the setup process across all of your locations, you can take advantage of our easy upload tool and have brightwheel manage the roster setup for you.

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