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Billing Overview
Overview of Billing Reporting Options
Overview of Billing Reporting Options

[For Admin & Billing Only Roles] Learn all about the Billing reporting options available.

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brightwheel Billing includes robust reporting and data. Each report can be filtered as needed, exported, downloaded, and/or printed. Learn more below!



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Gives a clear snapshot of which students have a past due balance and how overdue those balances are.

Provides a detailed look at the deposits made by brightwheel into the program's bank account.

Provides information about invoices, such as the date they are due, what types of charges are applied, and whether they are paid in full.

Shows how much earned in a given time period and can see billed and paid amounts by charge category.

Displays all of the transactions across a program by selecting specific date ranges and transaction types and is great to use to get high-level reporting at tax time.

Gives a view of all the charges from a program, including information on the student, date the charge posted, and more. Group this report by either the charge category or student.

Provides a view of all the payments and credits at a program, including information on the student, date paid, and more.

Provides a summary of all charges, credits, and payments for a given date range. It also provides a beginning balance and an ending balance.

Student Transaction Summary

Provides a simplified record of transactions including charges and payments, over any date range. This report is particularly helpful for year-end tax reporting on early childhood education spending.

Allows advanced customization when looking at billing revenue and aging data to see the data in the way that best fits the program.

🚩 Staff with Billing Only permissions will not have access to Custom Reports.

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