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[For Admins + Billing Role only] Learn how to view and export the Revenue report that provides insights into earnings for a program.

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The Revenue Report provides insights into earnings, billed and paid amounts by charge category for a specific period. It answers questions like:

  • Monthly revenue for tuition or other categories

  • Total billed amounts

  • Total payments received

  • Processing fees

  • Discounts or credits issued

It can also be used as an input for auditing Quickbooks journal entries.

Report Details

This report provides a quick view of billed and received amounts for selected charge categories in your library.

  • Billed amounts are based on due dates, while paid amounts depend on the payment date, including payments against charges billed earlier.

  • Refunds are included in the paid amount, while credits are displayed separately.

  • Partial payments are pro-rated, unapplied payments are totaled, and processing fees passed to families are excluded.

  • Payments are included regardless of deposit status.

View and Export

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Open the Billing page from the sidebar

  3. Jump to the Reports tab

  4. Click to open the Revenue Report

  5. Adjust the filters accordingly

  6. Click Apply Filters

  7. Download, Export or Print as needed

    1. To download or export, click the gray Export button

      1. If downloading, simply click Download

      2. If exporting, select recipients from the list, or add email addresses for new recipients and then click the orange Send to button

    2. To print, click the gray Print button

      1. Adjust your print settings and print on your local device

Custom Revenue Report

brightwheel's powerful Custom Report Builder allows administrators to pull billing revenue data and then customize the way the data is presented to best fit your needs. Review our Custom Reports resource for more information.


Will this tell me how much I billed for a given charge category?

Yes, the report allows you to see how much you billed for a specific charge category within a chosen time frame. It includes the original billed amount, adjustments, and discounts, all based on invoices with due dates falling between the selected filter dates.

Will this tell me how much I received (money paid) for a given charge category?

Yes, the report will show you how much money was received (paid) for each charge category within the chosen time frame. It's important to note that the paid amount represents payments made during the specified filter dates, which may include payments related to charges due before that same time period.

How are we handling partially paid invoices?

We will prorate payments against charges in a partially paid invoice and reflect that in the charge revenue section. Example: An invoice has a $100 tuition charge and a $50 registration fee. That invoice was paid $75, which is 50% of the invoice total. We will apply that 50% to the charge amounts, showing up as $50 of the tuition charge paid and $25 of the registration fee paid.

How are offline payments reflected?

Offline payments such as cash or check will have both a

post date (date payment was recorded on the account) and a payment date (date amount was recorded as paid) this report will consider offline payments by the date they are recorded as paid not the date they are posted.

  • If a payment is posted on 1/15 but is marked as paid on 1/10 they would see the payment when filtering for 1/10 not 1/15

How are discounts presented?

Discounts are at the charge level and are shown in total for each charge category. This report does not currently include the total amount by discount category (ie to answer “How much in ‘Sibling Discounts’ did I give out?”)

How are refunds presented?

Refunds are related to payments and are rolled into the “Paid Amount”

How are credits represented?

Credits are at the charge level and are shown in total for each charge category. This report does not currently include the total amount by credit category. Credits that have been created but not applied to an invoice do not appear in this report.

What are the “Other” revenue categories?

  • Unapplied payments = total payments made that are not applied to any invoices and therefore charges

Can admins see expected (future) revenue for invoices that posted?

YES. If an admin billed a family for charges that are due in the future, they will be able to see how much they billed for that is due in a future time range! For example, if today is 9/1 and the admin posted 10 invoices totaling $1,000 due on 9/15, if they filter for 9/15 - 9/30, they will see the $1,000 billed amount for the charges in those invoices.

What if I pass all processing fees to families?

Then the ACH and CC fee rows will show $0, as these are not considered costs to a center.

Is this for cash or accrual-based accounting?

Generally, both.

  • Accrual basis = billed amounts in a given time period, even if not paid

    • This is the Amt Billed column

  • Cash basis = paid amounts in a given time period

    • This is the Amt Paid column

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