Deposits Report

[For Admins + Billing Only Role] This report details each deposit, including date, amount, destination account, and deposit status.

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Brightwheel has begun releasing our new billing platform for new users. If the content in this article does not match what you see in your account, please click here for related content in your account.

The Deposits Report provides administrators information about the deposits made by brightwheel into their bank account. The table provided online will display each of the deposits along with the:

  • Deposit date: The date the funds were deposited in your account

  • Deposit amount: Total amount of the deposit including payments less processing fees and any refunds, adjustments, or failed payments

  • Account the funds will be deposited into: This includes the last four digits of the deposit account

  • Status of the deposit: Current status of the deposit including Paid, Pending, In_transit, Canceled, or Failed

Please Note: A deposit will be pending until it is submitted to the bank, at which point it becomes in_transit. It will then change to paid if the transaction goes through. If it does not go through successfully, the status will be changed to failed or canceled.

This report can be viewed from the Billing portion or Reports section of brightwheel online. By default, the report will list all of the deposits made to your account. To further filter this report use the Start and End date fields and click Create Report.

Each deposit can be expanded to view all payments contained in that deposit. This will include the transaction date, student's name, payment method, status, fee, and amount deposited.

Export this report to get a more detailed version of this report for the date range selected. Simply click the purple Export button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, deselect any column you do not want to be included in your report, and enter any additional email addresses where this report should be sent. The detailed export contains information about each of the payments, refunds, or adjustments that make up the deposits and the associated students and amounts.

The export will be delivered to your inbox as a CSV and by default contains the following columns:

  • Deposit date

  • Deposit ID

  • Student ID

  • Student name

  • Transaction type (“Payment”, “Payment Refund”, “Adjustment”)

  • Date paid

  • Paid by name

  • Payment method

  • Payment amount

  • Payment fee amount (negative number)

  • Date refunded

  • Refunded to

  • Refund method

  • Refund amount (negative number)

  • Date of adjustment

  • Adjustment description (pass-through of whatever transaction type Stripe gives us)

  • Adjustment amount (negative or positive number)

  • Deposited amount

Please Note: Offline payments are not included in the deposit report. 

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