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Billing Transactions Report
Billing Transactions Report

[For Admins + Billing Only role] Discover how to view and export program transactions by date range, type, or location.

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The Billing Transactions report offers a detailed ledger of all recorded program transactions within a specified date range. You can filter, sort, and download the report for customization.

View and Export

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Open the Billing page from the sidebar

  3. Jump to the Reports tab

  4. Click to open the Billing Transactions Report

  5. Adjust the filters accordingly:

    1. Select the Earliest post date and Latest post date
      💡 The last 30 days is the default time period

    2. Set the Payer type that should be included in the report
      💡 Private payers are student contacts, Agency payers are subsidy agencies, and all payers are both

    3. Select the Transaction type(s) that should be included in the report

    4. Set the Student, Room, and Student status filters, if desired

  6. Click Apply Filters to view the results that will include:

    1. Posted At: the date a transaction was posted for online payments and the date a payment was made for offline payments.

    2. Student: the name of the student the transaction is associated with

    3. Transaction Type: the type of charge based of the report filters selected

    4. Transaction Description: description of the transaction selected during the charge creation process. Any added notes will display below the description.

    5. Payer Type: whether the charge is associated with a private or agency payer

    6. Amount: total amount of the charge. if discounts are applied, this will be the net amount charged after subtracting discounts and will display an icon with more information and also include more detail in the exported report.

  7. Export or Print as needed

    1. To export, click the gray Export button

      1. Deselect any fields you don't want to be included in the export
        💡 Learn more about each field option in the section below!

      2. Select recipients from the list, or add email addresses for new recipients

      3. Click the orange Send to button

    2. To print, click the gray Print button

      1. Adjust your print settings and print on your local device

ℹ️ Exporting this report provides a comprehensive and flexible record of all payments processed through brightwheel. It can be sent to program administrators or external email addresses and is compatible with spreadsheet tools like Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers.

Learn more about the exported report fields ↓

By default, this report contains the following columns listed below. These options can be de-selected during the Export process outlined above to only report on what's needed!

  • Date posted

  • Due date (would only show for charges but is valuable)

  • Transaction type

  • Transaction description (this would include “Category” for Charges)

  • Notes

  • Dates of service

  • Student ID

  • Student last name

  • Student first name

  • Payment method type

  • Paid on

  • Paid by

  • Amount

  • Original charge amount

  • Payment amount (excludes processing fees)

  • Payment total processing fee

  • Discount description (for multiple discounts, add additional columns)

  • Discount type (“percent” or “fixed”)

  • Discount amount

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