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The Billing Transactions report provides administrators with comprehensive information about all of the transactions that have been recorded on the school’s ledger during a specified date range. This report provides the administrator with the flexibility to filter/sort the report to fit their precise needs and choose to download and save the report.

This report can be viewed from the Billing portion or Reports section of brightwheel online. By default, the report will list all of the transactions on your account in the last 30 days. To further filter this report, follow the steps below:

  1. Use the date picker to select the Start and End Dates

  2. Select the Transaction Type(s) you would like to filter for

  3. Do the same for the Student, Room, and Status filters if desired

  4. Click Create Report

With the exception of the dates, all of the filters are capable of multi-select meaning you are able to click on multiple student names or transaction types and pull them all into a single report. 

The online view of this report is condensed for readability and convenience purposes. It contains the following columns: 

  • Date: The date a transaction was posted (For offline payments, the Date paid is shown)

  • Student name: The name of the student the transaction is associated with

  • Transaction type: Transaction description (this would include “Category” for Charges in the format ‘Category: Description’). Any transaction notes are displayed below the type

  • Amount: For charges with discounts, this will be the Net Amount Charged after subtracting discounts and be displayed with an icon (additional information on discounts on export)

Export this report to get a more detailed version. Simply click the purple Export button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, deselect any column you do not want to be included in your report, and enter any additional email addresses where this report should be sent.

The export will be delivered to your inbox as a CSV and by default contains the following columns:

  • Date posted

  • Due date (would only show for charges but is valuable)

  • Transaction type

  • Transaction description (this would include “Category” for Charges)

  • Notes

  • Dates of service

  • Student ID

  • Student last name

  • Student first name

  • Payment method type

  • Paid on

  • Paid by

  • Amount

  • Original amount

  • Discount description (for multiple discounts, add additional columns)

  • Discount type (“percent” or “fixed”)

  • Discount amount

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