If this content does not match what you see in your account, you may be on our legacy billing platform.

With brightwheel Billing, administrators have more access to reports & data than ever before. In-browser reports are available for each of the topics below, most of which can be printed or exported as a .CSV (spreadsheet) file.

  • Aging - Run a report by Student, Classroom, or Status that tracks past due payments.

  • Deposits Report - A report of all deposits made to your account.

  • Billing Transactions - Pull a detailed report or a high-level summary for taxes.

  • Billing Summary - Provides a high-level view of all the charges, credits, and payments a center has accrued over a given date range.

  • Invoice Report - Shows all invoices that have been posted across students, and which have been paid

  • Charges Report - Provides administrators information about all of the charges that were created across all billing plans at their school. With easy filtering options and the ability to group charges by student and charge category, the information is quickly accessible.

  • Payments & Credits Report - This report provides information about all payments and credits at your school for each individual student.

  • Revenue Report - This report shows you how much you earned in a given time period. You can see billed and paid amounts by charge category.

  • Student Transaction Summary - A simplified record of transactions including charges and payments, over any date range. This report is particularly helpful for year-end tax reporting on early childhood education spending.

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