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Use a combination of allergy badges, medication tracking, & health checks to keep your center safe & healthy for all your staff & students.

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The top priority for any center is maintaining a safe and healthy space for its students to learn and grow. Brightwheel supports this mission by making it easy to track a student’s health, and medication, and helps to call attention to allergies.

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Logging Health Checks

Health Checks can be used by teachers and staff to track the health of each student upon arrival or use throughout the day to proactively monitor student health. The Health Check activity in brightwheel allows teachers and staff to log a student’s temperature, post a photo, and add notes. Follow the steps to Log an Activity with the Health Check type selected. Student health checks can be exported from our activity exporter.

💡 By default, this activity posts as Staff Only; simply uncheck this box when logging the activity to share with parents.

Medication Tracking

In brightwheel teachers and staff can track the medications prescribed to a student and also log an activity when those medications are administered. If the student should have a medication administered at a specific time of the day, Activity Reminders can help to notify teachers and staff when it is time.

Logging Medication Disbursements

When a medication is administered to a student, the teacher or staff member can log this as an activity from the app or web. These activities are shared on the student’s feed with the parents, just like any other activity, and can be included in the Activity Report.

Student Profile Tracking

A student’s personal information, including medications and allergies, are tracked in the student’s profile. This information should be confirmed and updated regularly to ensure accuracy.


Activity Reminders

Activity Reminders can help keep staff and teachers on track by notifying them when an activity is due. This is particularly helpful when a medication needs to be administered at a specific time.

Allergy Badges

Brightwheel has red allergy badges that appear next to a student’s profile picture if there is anything added to the Allergies field in the student’s profile. This allows teachers and staff to quickly spot which students have allergies directly from the room list. The allergy icons will appear on the home screen and when selecting students for a food activity. This helps to maintain awareness and prevent possible exposure.

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