Attachments Report

Easily track staff or students that have upcoming or overdue renewal dates for certifications and records.

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When uploading an attachment, the administrator can select an expiration date for when this attachment should be updated or renewed. Brightwheel has created a report so that these expiring documents can be reported on from a single place. 

This report offers some unique functionality, let's walk through some of these filter option:

  • Expires on or before: This date is essentially the expiration date or sooner. So if you want to know who has an expiring CPR certification this quarter, you would set this day 90 days in the future.

  • Show student/staff missing this attachment: By clicking this box, anybody missing this attachment type will be displayed. This is great if you require all staff to have an updated CPR certification on record. 

  • Type: This is the attachment type that you have been creating while uploading attachments. 

In addition, this report allows administrators to toggle between Students and Staff. Reporting on students provides additional filters of Student Status and Room Assignment.

To run the Attachments Report

  1. Login online and navigate to the Reports section

  2. Choose the Attachments option under Student Reports

  3. Click on Students or Staff to switch as needed

  4. Select the desired Attachment Type 

  5. Change the Expires on or before date to the desired cutoff

  6. Check/uncheck the Show staff missing this attachment box 

  7. Once all the desired filters are set, click Apply to view the results.  You can also click Export to download the report as a CSV.

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