Attachments Report

[For Admins + Managers] Easily track staff or students that have upcoming, expiring, or overdue renewal dates for certifications & records.

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When uploading an attachment, Admins and Managers can select an expiration date for when this attachment should be updated or renewed. This is a great option to use for tracking student's medical statements, physical exams dates, waivers, etc.

Brightwheel has created the Attachments report to quickly identify expiring documents, along with identifying staff and students missing important attachments.

View and Export

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Click to open the Reporting page

  3. Under Student Reports, select Attachments

  4. Click on Students or Staff to switch as needed

  5. Select the desired Attachment Type

  6. Change the Expires on or before date to the desired cutoff
    💡 View the Expiration Date & Expires In column for upcoming expiration dates

  7. Check/uncheck the Show staff missing this attachment box
    💡 View the Uploaded column for a date, or a Missing label

  8. Once all the desired filters are set, click Apply to view the results

  9. Download, Export or Print as needed

    1. To download or export, click the Export button

      1. Select File Type: CSV or PDF

      2. If downloading, simply click Download

      3. If exporting, select recipients from the list, or add email addresses for new recipients and then click the Email to button

    2. To print, click the Print button

      1. Type CMD/CTRL + P on your keyboard to open the print preview pane

      2. Adjust the print settings and print on a local device

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