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Immunizations Due & Overdue Report
Immunizations Due & Overdue Report

Uses the CDC schedule and information about immunizations from each student profile to calculate which shots are upcoming and overdue.

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Brightwheel allows teachers and staff to run an Immunization Due/Overdue report. This report exposes each immunization shot that is either due or overdue, currently or in the next 30 or 60 days, based on the student's birthday and in accordance with the CDC's recommended schedule. These records are tracked on the student's profile. This report allows you to filter students based on their current age range, room assignment, enrollment status, and when the next dose is due.

To view this report:

  1. Log into brightwheel

  2. Navigate to the Reports section

  3. Click on the Immunizations option under Student Reports

  4. Choose whether you want to view immunizations that are Currently Overdue, due in the next 30 days, or due in the next 60 days

  5. (Optional) Select a specific student or filter based on the Room Assignment, Student Status, and/or Age Range

  6. (Optional) Show students set up on a catchup schedule by checking the box

From here, you can either Print or Export this report by clicking the gray buttons in the upper right-hand portion of your report. Please note that this report is best printed in Landscape orientation. You can make this change in the page setup screen when printing. 

Please Note: You can adjust which immunizations should appear on reports and student records by clicking Immunization Settings. Changes to these settings will be reflected on all reports and student profiles

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