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Immunizations Due & Overdue Report
Immunizations Due & Overdue Report

[For Admins] Learn how to pull reporting on upcoming and overdue student immunizations.

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Brightwheel allows Admins to run an Immunization Due/Overdue report. This report exposes each immunization shot that is either due or overdue, currently or in the next 30 or 60 days, based on the student's birthday and in accordance with the CDC's recommended schedule. These records are tracked on the student's profile.

View Report

  1. Log into brightwheel on the web

  2. Click to open the Reporting page

  3. Under Student reports, locate and click Immunizations due / overdue

  4. Choose whether you want to view immunizations that are Currently Overdue, due in the Next 30 days, or due in the Next 60 days

  5. Use the additional filters to narrow down the results

  6. When filters are set, click Apply

  7. View the results, Export, or Print as needed
    💡 If printing, this report is best printed in Landscape orientation

ℹ️ Immunization settings can also be adjusted school-wide from this report, same as when done on a specific student's profile!

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