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Immunizations Records Report
Immunizations Records Report

Easily see and print immunization records of your students. View and print all immunizations by school, room or student.

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Brightwheel allows teachers and staff to run Immunization Reports. This report exposes the dates of each dose of immunizations per student and their birthday that are recorded by typing in the date on the student's profile. This report allows you to filter students based on their current age, room assignment, and enrollment status.

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Immunizations Record Report

To view this report:

  1. Log into brightwheel

  2. Navigate to the Reports section

  3. Click on the Immunizations option under Student Reports

  4. (Optional) Select the Room, Student Status, and/or Age Range

From here, you can either Print or Export this report by clicking the gray buttons in the upper right-hand portion of your report. Please note that this report is best printed in Landscape orientation, you can make this change in the page setup screen when printing. 

Please Note: The updated Immunizations platform now allows teachers and staff with edit access to type in dates in mm/dd/yyyy format rather than having to find the correct date with the date picker.  

Custom Immunizations Report

With brightwheel's powerful Custom Report Builder, it allows administrators to pull immunization exemption data within your brightwheel account and offers flexibility to organize that data in a way that best fits your program. Review our Custom Reports Help Center article for more details.

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