Teachers and staff can easily track the progress of a single student or classroom on brightwheel’s web platform. These reports are based on the Observations logged by teachers throughout the day and when logging through Lessons included in the week's Lesson Plans.

Learning Report

This report allows staff to filter by student, student status, classroom, learning framework, and domain. 

  1. Login in online and click the Learning tab

  2. Click Review

  3. Select any preferred filters.  Note that a Domain filter is required in this view

  4. Click the Apply button to generate your report

The Learning Report can also be found on the Reports section of the brightwheel web portal:

This report can be exported to a CSV by clicking Export located to the right of the green Apply button.

Individual Student Learning Review

To view an individual child's progress across all Domains within a Framework:

  1. Click on the child's name, on the left of the Review chart.

  2. Use the filters to choose a Framework, Domain, or both.

  3. Click Apply.

If you wish, click on Print Review to get a printed version of this report

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