Montessori Observations

Set your Montessori learning framework to enable quick and easy observations and progress tracking for each child in your school.

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Observations and documentation are essential elements of the Montessori method, and brightwheel makes it easy to track the progress of each child every time they explore Montessori materials and activities.   

Quickly select from a comprehensive set of materials, and log progress, photos, and notes for one or multiple children.

Specific materials can be also linked to lessons to make logging observations even easier! Add these lessons to weekly lesson plans and have a cohesive learning and tracking tool that your teachers can leverage for easier planning and reporting. 

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Set Up the Montessori Learning Framework

On the Web

On the App

  1. Click to expand My School on the purple sidebar menu

  2. Select Settings

  3. Jump to the School Info tab

  4. Select the Montessori framework using the drop-down under Learning Settings

  1. From the Administrator Home screen, tap School Profile

  2. Tap Learning Frameworks under the 'School Settings' section

  3. Click to select the Montessori framework

  4. Go back when finished

  5. Click Save in the top right corner of the School Profile page

Add Montessori Milestones to Lessons

Linking specific Montessori milestones to learning activities within a lesson plan makes it even easier for teachers to log observations and track progress. Learn more about Creating Custom Lesson Plans.

Log Observations

There are two ways to log observations in brightwheel: from the learning tab at the room level, or directly from a lesson. By logging observations you will be able to later report on progress.

Learn more about Logging Observations.

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