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Learn about how to leverage the Learning feature at your program using all available resources.

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Learn how to leverage our Learning feature at your program to create lesson plans, assign room plans, and log student observations! Creating and managing lesson plans is easy and intuitive to fit your classroom needs.


When navigating to the Learning page from your account on the web, there are two visible tabs: Room Plans and Library. Upon clicking into Library, you'll see two additional tabs: Lesson Plans and Learning Activities.

Let's review these in more depth and overview what Observations are.

Room Plans

Room Plans are where you can view the unique copy of a lesson plan assigned to a specific room.


Under the Library page, you will find two additional tabs.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans are where you can view or create lesson plans to utilize across the entire program. Lesson plans can then be assigned to rooms which creates a unique copy. They are visible from the Lesson plans tab within your account on the web.

Learning Activities

Learning activities (aka lessons) are the individual activities that make up a lesson plan. You can easily click Create learning activity from this tab to create an activity that can be added to your lesson plans. They can be viewed from the Learning activities tab within your account on the web or through the lesson plans themselves by simply clicking on an activity on the web or app.


Observations allow educators to log student observations following a set of state standards or learning frameworks. Observations can be used to track progress toward specific developmental skills using our mobile app.

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