Brightwheel offers many different student statuses to ensure that all student and school data is maintained. This means that deleting or removing a student entirely is not an option in brightwheel, but students can be archived or removed from view by using the student's status. To archive students and preserve their data, you can simply change their enrollment status to Inactive, Graduated, Removed, or Duplicate. Doing this will filter out past students from actively enrolled students by default on any screen. This is a better option than deleting a student because you are able to maintain necessary records for billing, tax, and other reporting purposes.

Please Note:

  • The brightwheel student enrollment count is based on Active students only. 
  • Archiving a student does not impact their parents or billing information

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Archive Student via Enrollment Status

Student's enrollment statuses can be set on their profile on the web portal or the mobile app. This can also be done in bulk on the web if several students' statuses need to be updated. 

There are a few options for students that are leaving your school: Graduated, Inactive, Removed, and Duplicate. For students that will be joining your school, you can choose from: Lead, Toured, Applied, and Waitlist.

From the App:

  1. Select the desired student
  2. Tap Profile at the top-right
  3. Select  the Status field
  4. Choose Inactive or any other the desired status from the list
  5. Tap Save
  6. Tap Save again to confirm profile changes

From the Web:

  1. Navigate to the desired student's profile
  2. Click Edit in the School Details panel
  3. Choose Inactive or any other the desired status from the list
  4. Tap Save

Filtering according to Enrollment Status

Throughout the brightwheel web and mobile apps, filters are applied by default so that only students with Active or no enrollment statuses are being displayed. This prevents cluttering of classrooms and avoids confusion. These filters can always be adjusted so that students with other statuses will be displayed.

Filter by Status on the Web:

You can filter for all students with a particular enrollment status using the status field on most pages of the brightwheel web portal:

Filter by Status on the Mobile App:

In the app Tap Manage (or the Gear Icon on Android) to filter for particular student statuses:

Stop Billing Plans for Archived Students

If the student has an active billing plan, it is good practice to cancel their billing plan before making the student inactive. Please note that making a student inactive will not cancel any billing plans that are set-up for that student.

  1. Navigate to the student’s Billing Account page
  2. Select Manage billing plan from the Choose an action dropdown
  3. Click Delete this plan
  4. Confirm and click Confirm my selection or Delete this plan

Administrators will see a warning upon selecting Delete Plan notifying them of these consequences. Administrators can then review and modify charges on the statement (or, if desired, remove all charges from the statement altogether, which means parents will not receive any notice of the statement posting) before deleting the plan.

Follow up Actions when Archiving Students

When archiving students, you will also want to make sure to remove them from any classrooms they are associated with. If you no longer wish for parents to have access to the student's profile, you should also remove them as contacts from the student's profile.

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