Create and Manage Student Profiles

Learn how to create and manage student profiles within brightwheel's mobile app and web portal.

Who can access Student Profiles?

Any staff member with Admin or Edit Privileges can edit or manage Student Profiles. Parents can also access them if they are offered permission by Admin users.

What exactly are the features of Student Management?

Inside the Student Management feature, you will find the following: 

  1. Adding Students & Profiles - Create student profiles to log activities & track progress. Set schedules, status, profiles pictures, set room assignments, and much more!

  2. How to assign Students to Rooms - Assign students to rooms created within your school to keep track of their whereabouts. Set a Homeroom to simplify the check-in process.

  3. School Details - View and edit School Details in a Student's profile for internal use by the School.

  4. Tracking Immunizations and Health (Premium Only) - Add allergy badges, keep record of student's medications, and track Immunizations directly within the student's profile.

  5. Applications & Enrollment - Use brightwheel to manage your applications, enrollment, and waitlist. There is no need to additional platforms as brightwheel add features!

  6. Archive Student via Enrollment Status - To archive children without deleting their data you can simply change their enrollment status to "Inactive." By doing this Inactive students will be filtered out of the list of your actively enrolled students.

  7. Contacts Types: Parents, Family, Approved Pickups, and Emergency Contacts - The differences and privileges for contacts listed for students.

  8. Add Family, Approved Pickups and Emergency Contacts - How to add family members & approved pickups to your child's profile.

  9. Parent Permissions to Edit Student Profiles - School Admins can now turn off or on the ability for parents to edit information on student profiles.

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