Brightwheel takes customer feedback regarding our platform and services very seriously. This is why, upon cancellation of your Premium subscription, we want to know more about your motivations to come to brightwheel initially and what's drawing you away now. This information helps us continue to improve.

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Cancelling Your Premium Subscription

To cancel your center's brightwheel Premium subscription, please have your primary administrator fill out this form.

Please Note: We require 30-days notice to cancel a subscription, and we do not honor refunds for past subscription payments. More details can be found in our Terms of Service

Impact of Cancelling

Once your Premium subscription is cancelled, your brightwheel account is downgraded to our free platform. This means your staff will no longer have access to your center's brightwheel account. Only the primary administrator email will continue to have access to our free platform. Due to this change in access, we strongly encourage you to export all employee timecards prior to your cancellation date.

For more information on the differences between our free and premium platforms, please visit our pricing page.

If you would like to completely delete or deactivate your account, you can follow the instructions noted here:
Delete or Deactivate an Account

Billing and Statement Schedules

Recurring statement schedules in our Billing tool are not automatically cancelled when your account is downgraded or deactivated. Make sure to first end any active schedules if you are no longer using brightwheel to bill your families. If you would like to stop using brightwheel to collect payments from your families but keep your Premium subscription, please complete this form

Thank you and let us know if there is anything else we can help with! We are so appreciative of our partnerships with schools and centers like yours.

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