Tracking your staff's check-in/out records in brightwheel is a great way to keep track of your employee's hours. You can use these records to report on individual in/out records using the Timecards Report, and total hours worked in given timeframe using the Payroll Report. 

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Timecards Report

The Timecards Report can only be accessed from the Staff page in the brightwheel web app. By default, upon clicking on the Timecards tab, you will be able to see the following information for every active staff member* in brightwheel:

  • Date - This is the date of the initial check-in
  • Room - The room the staff member was checked in to
  • Staff Member - Full name of the staff members
  • Time In & Out - The exact date and time the punch occurred
  •  Total - Calculated total number of hours checked in

Payroll Report

Once logged into brightwheel online, you are able to run the Payroll Report from the Staff or Reports pages; from either page, click on the Payroll tab. By default,  you will see all active staff members* listed and the total hours they have worked from their very first shift to the most recent.

Filter and Export

Like many of our other reports, admin can filter by editing the start and end dates, specific staff member, and/or room (timecards only).  Once you have the desired settings entered, click Apply.  An updated report will show below.  You can then export this report directly to your email by clicking Export end entering your email address for the report to be sent to as a CSV.

Please Note: Once a staff member has been removed from brightwheel, their timecard and payroll records are no longer reportable. Please be sure to export those records prior to removal. 

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