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Upgrade to a Premium account by adding a payment method, completing 2FA if needed, and submitting your first payment!

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Get access to all the great features brightwheel Premium has to offer by following the simple steps below.

  1. Log in to your online account

  2. Navigate to your School Settings page

  3. Go to the ‘Upgrade’ tab

  4. Click Upgrade Now

  5. Click Add a Credit or Debit Card OR Connect to a Bank Account

For Credit or Debit Cards

  1. Input the card holder’s name, card number, expiration date, and CVC code

  2. Click Add Payment Method

  3. Two-factor Authentication (2FA): For added security, you will be prompted to enter the verification code that will be sent to the email and/or phone number you use to log in to brightwheel. Please note that the code will expire after 10 minutes, and brightwheel will never ask you for this code outside of this process in our platform.

    1. If the verification code was sent to your email and doesn't arrive, make sure to check your Spam folder!
      Tip: This extra layer of security is added protection for your sensitive, financial details and is also commonly referred to as: two-step verification, 2-step verification, or dual-factor authentication.

  4. Once the verification code is input, click Add Payment Method again

  5. Once the payment method is successfully setup, click Enroll & Pay

For Bank Accounts

  1. If searching for your bank, click Add my Bank Account in One Step

    1. Search for your bank

    2. Click on the name of your bank

    3. Enter your online banking credentials
      Please note: brightwheel cannot access your credentials or update your info. This is a secure transfer of your information that is 256-bit encrypted end-to-end.

    4. Click Submit

  2. If verifying via micro-deposits, click Verify My Account Using Micro-Deposits

    1. Select the Account Type using the ‘Corporation’ or ‘Individual’ buttons

    2. Enter the Account Holder's Name, Routing Number, an Account Number and then click Add

    3. Read the displayed instructions to complete the verification process. Within 24-48 hours 2 small deposits will be placed in your bank account. Once you have the 2 amounts, click the OK, I got it button.

    4. Return to your account page on the website, and click Verify My Bank Account

    5. Enter the 2 micro deposits and then click Verify

  3. Once your account is successfully connected using either option above, click Enroll & Pay!

Congratulations! You're now a VIP Premium school. We hope you enjoy the accessible Premium features such as Videos, Messaging, Billing discounts, and many more!

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