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Overview: Using brightwheel as a Parent, Family, or Approved Pickup
Overview: Using brightwheel as a Parent, Family, or Approved Pickup

[For Guardians] Learn how to get started using brightwheel as a student contact (Parent, Family, Approved Pickup, or Emergency Contact)!

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Brightwheel users will have different permissions levels within their accounts based on their relationship with students. The four different contact types that can be set by a program administrator for a student are Parent, Family, Approved Pickup, and Emergency Contact.

💡 The signup process is the same for all contact types. It is often easier to wait to be invited to join brightwheel by a school or parent contact. Student contacts can be invited and sign up with their email address or phone number!


These student contacts are granted the most access to the student's account and can get started on brightwheel by signing up here or by following the instructions outlined in their invitation email.  If a parent account was created prior to being invited by the school, the school can provide a 10-digit code that is unique to each student. Parent permissions include the ability to send and receive messages, check their children in and out for the day, see their child's profile and daily feed, add family & pickups, as well billing access.  

Depending on a school's settings, it is possible for a parent contact to add additional student contacts to their child's brightwheel account so they can also stay updated on the child's daily activities.


These student contacts will be able to see the student's feed of daily activity, however, they will not have access or ability to edit the child's personal information such as their homeroom, allergies, birthday, medications, etc.  Family contacts will also automatically have the ability to drop off/pick up a student.  They are able to send messages to the school in case they need to communicate a quick update that is related to picking up or dropping off a child.  

Approved Pickups

These student contacts will not see any child information on the brightwheel app and can only perform pickup/drop-off actions.

Emergency Contact

These student contacts can be utilized by the school or parent contacts is Emergency Contact.  Parent contacts have the ability to add emergency contacts to their student's profile in the event a parent cannot be reached in an emergency situation.  Emergency contacts have no access to the brightwheel app and cannot check a child in/out, they simply serve as an additional contact in case of an emergency.  

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