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Student Activity Feed

[For Guardians] View daily activities, notes, and updates as a student contact and schedule daily feed reports directly from the app.

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The student’s activity feed keeps Parent and Family contacts updated on a student's daily activities logged by the school, including pictures, videos, check-in/out records, and learning activities. Parents can also opt-in to receive a daily report email summarizing all recorded activities.

View the Student’s Feed

Student contacts that have been added as a Parent or Family contact type will see activities and updates in the student’s feed. Parent and Family contacts will have the option to send a message from the student's feed. Depending on the school’s settings and the activities they choose to log, parents and families can see check-in/out records, photos, videos, food & potty tracking, and learning milestones! Additionally, if your program has settings enabled, Parents can also add photos to the feed.

To view the student’s feed on the mobile app, simply tap on the student’s name from the home screen. The most recent activities will be displayed at the top of the feed.

To view your child's Daily Feed from the web, select the My Children tab from the side menu, and click on the student's name. The student’s profile will display, click on the Feed tab to see the student’s activities. Here you can also filter by Date or Activity Type or send a Daily Report.

Daily Report Emails

Parent contacts can opt to receive Daily Reports for each connected student by enabling them on the web or app. Daily Reports are sent via email to the email address associated with a parent’s account and will include all logged activities that are viewable for parents.

Learn more by viewing our Subscribe to Daily Reports resource.

Like a Photo or Video

With the brightwheel app student, contacts can use Likes to react to photos and videos posted to the child’s feed.

Simply tap the ❤️ button to do so!

Like your favorite photos or videos and show your center which ones you appreciate the most!

ℹ️ Push Notifications are not available for photo or video likes. This is intended to be a fun way to show the staff your appreciation, there is no way to see who liked an image at this time.

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