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Billing Overview for Payers

[For Guardians] Learn how to get setup in brightwheel Billing to pay your child's program, gather info for tax reporting, and more!

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We want to help parents easily understand and pay their invoices online. This resource provides information on what payers see in their brightwheel web or mobile app and outlines the steps needed to make payments to their child’s account.

Set up Payment Method(s)

All parent contacts and additional payers added (Family or Approved Pickups) can set up their payment methods directly in their brightwheel account on the web or in the app.

Payment methods can be added even if the program is not yet accepting online payments to ensure you are prepared!

Navigate Between Students

If payers are attached to more than one child at a brightwheel school, each of these children will display on the Payments > Account page on the web/app to toggle back and forth on. Toggling between children will show their specific account balances, invoices, and payment information.

Current Balance

The Current Account Balance for a child reflects any open invoices — those that have not been fully paid — less any credits or pre/over-payment funds that are available to apply towards invoices. This providers a clear summary of what is owed. When a payment is made, it will be applied to this balance.

To view the current payment balance for a student:

  1. Login to brightwheel on the web, or mobile app

  2. On the left-hand toolbar, click Payments

  3. Under the Accounts tab, locate the purple 'My current balance" box


The Invoices tab shows all historical invoices, both open (unpaid) and closed (fully paid). Payers can view these invoices at any time to view a breakdown of the amount owed and pay the invoice if not already done. If paying offline not in brightwheel (by check, cash, Zelle, etc.) and haven't added a payment method, we recommend checking your amount due here.

Payments & Credits

The Payments & Credits tab shows all historical payments and credits, both those that have been applied to an invoice in full and those that have not. Payers can view the status of these payments and export them with all the relevant information needed for reimbursements.


The Statements tab shows monthly statements for a given student — statements include all transactions, invoices, charges, and adjustments that have been made against the student’s account in a given month. Brightwheel auto-generates these statements monthly and emails them to payers, and posts them here for records. Payers can also create their statements by selecting a start and end date (for example, if they want a full-year statement).

Make a Payment

Paying is easy to do right from your account on the web or in the app. Learn how to Make a Payment.

Tax & Reimbursement Information

Payers can access financial reports for tax or reimbursement right in brightwheel.

Individual invoices or statements can be printed, which include the important information needed (EIN, charge details, dates of service). Or, the payment history can be exported. This export will include the following information: payment method, amount, date, and status; payer name; amount applied to invoice(s); invoice number(s); charges; and any dates of service that the provider added.

To export the payment history, view our Student Transaction Summary resource for a video overview and the applicable steps.

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