The School Details panel in a student's profile allows the school to input information for internal use specific to each student, such as: Status, Schedule, Time In/Out, Gender, Meal Type, and Student ID. See below for more information.

Please Note: These details are only viewable on the web, not the app.  Also, these are not visible to Parents.

  • Status: Shows in the roster export and give the options of: Active, Applied, Graduated, Inactive, Lead, None, Removed, Toured, and Waitlisted. This allows you to sort students in report and throughout the app. Check out this video for more information.

  • Schedule: This allows you to select the days of the week the student typically attends.

  • Time In/Out: This is the you to enter the general time each day a student arrives/leaves.

  • Meal Type: Used for CACFP and Meal Reporting. Options are Free, Reduced, or Paid.

  • Student ID: Included in the roster export for internal use.

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