A crucial part of managing any early childhood education program is scheduling — both understanding how many students will be in attendance in any given classroom each day, and ensuring that staff members are scheduled appropriately given student schedules and capacity. The Student and Staff Scheduling feature enable an administrator to enter custom repeatable schedules for each individual student and staff member at the program by room. This helps ensure proper staffing to maintain each room's target ratio.

The schedules page is visible to all staff members, but can only be modified by an administrator. Toggling between Week and Day will adjust to view accordingly. The Daily view will display each shift record in addition to student-to-staff ratios.

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Add a New Schedule

Setting up a schedule for students and staff is easy and can be done individually or by grouping all students or staff with the same schedule. By default, the Schedule page will display the current week's schedule for all rooms. It may be easier to filter and set schedules by room, simply click on the Room drop down to filter display the student and staff schedules for only that room. Creating a new schedule while viewing a specific room will automatically attribute the schedule to the viewed room, but this can be changed before saving a schedule. A student or teacher can have multiple schedules for different times, on different days, and/or in different rooms.

  1. Click on Schedules from the My School section of the side menu
  2. Click the + Student Schedule or + Staff Schedule button
  3. Select the individual(s) from the drop-down or click the gray add button to the right to quickly multi-select
  4. Use the Repeat every week checkbox to set a multi-day recurring schedule or uncheck it to add just a single day
  5. Set the Date(s), Start/End Times, and Days of the week to repeat the schedule if applicable
  6. Click Save

Make Edits to a Schedule

Schedules change, it's totally normal. In brightwheel, student and staff schedules can be edited or deleted at any time, for a single day, or for the recurring schedule. Here's how:

  1. Click on Schedules from the My School section of the side menu
  2. Click on the schedule block for the person and day that needs to be modified
  3. Select Edit or Delete
  4. Choose This single instance or This schedule
  5. If editing, make your desired changes and Save
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