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Absences Report

[For Admins + Managers] View detailed student absence data, including absent times and absent reasons.

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Easily view a detailed breakdown of absences logged across your program, with details including the absent reason and custom notes. Utilize advanced filters by date, room, student, subsidy status, and more, enhancing clarity and simplifying absence reporting!

Create Absences Report

  1. Log in on the web

  2. On the side menu, click to open the Reporting page

  3. Click to expand the Room reports section and then select Absences

  4. Apply filters as needed

    1. Set the Date range

    2. Select the appropriate Room or leave All selected

    3. Select a specific Student, Student status, Subsidy Status, or Absent Reason
      💡 Subsidy Status is set in a student's profile under Financial Details!

  5. Click Apply to view filtered results

  6. Click Export to download, or Print

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