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Learning Overview for Programs using Experience Curriculum
Learning Overview for Programs using Experience Curriculum
Learn more about how to use Experience Curriculum in brightwheel
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If you've upgraded your brightwheel subscription to include Experience Curriculum, you are in the right spot!

Experience Curriculum is research-based, aligned to all 50 states' standards, and is now seamlessly integrated in the brightwheel app. It also comes paired with hands-on learning materials that will be mailed directly to your program!

💡 Note: As a brightwheel premium subscriber, you can create custom lesson plans, log observations, and share progress with families from the app at no additional cost. To learn more, check out the learning overview here. This resource is for premium subscribers who have upgraded to access Experience Curriculum in brightwheel.

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After upgrading, Experience Curriculum is available to you right in the brightwheel app from the Learning page. You will also receive monthly toolkits of hands-on learning materials directly to your doorstep. This curriculum is quick to set up and easy to use and customize, just like the rest of the brightwheel platform.

Experience Curriculum in brightwheel has been designed to:

  • Save educators more time with digital flexible lessons and monthly toolkits

  • Maximize program quality with a research-based curriculum aligned with state standards

  • Support child development with integrated assessments and family sharing


When navigating to the Learning page from your account on the web, there are two visible tabs: Room Plans and Library. Upon clicking into Library, you'll see two additional tabs: Lesson plans and Learning activities.

Let's review these in more depth and overview what Observations are.

Room Plans

Room Plans is where you can view the unique copy of a lesson plan assigned to a specific room.


Under the Library page, you will find two additional tabs.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans are where you can view pre-populated Experience Curriculum lesson plans or create your own to utilize across the entire program. Lesson plans can then be assigned to rooms which creates a unique copy.

Learning Activities

Learning activities (aka Lessons) are the individual activities that make up a lesson plan. When using Experience Curriculum, these activities will be populated into your account automatically. They can be viewed from the Learning activities tab within your account on the web or through the lesson plans themselves by simply clicking on an activity on the web or app.


Observations allow educators to log student observations following a set of state standards or learning frameworks. Observations can be used to track progress toward specific developmental skills using our mobile app.

How-to Resources

After upgrading, we want to ensure you have the resources you need at your fingertips! Each resource below overviews the various actions you can take from each tab on the new Learning page within your account.


What age range are the activities suited for?

Currently, the integrated offering with brightwheel offers Preschool Curriculum (Experience Preschool, designed for 3-5 years old) and Experience Toddler (designed for children 18 months to 3 years). We will sooner offer Experience Baby (designed for ages 3-18 months) as well.

What do I receive when I sign up?

You’ll receive Experience Curriculum integrated in the brightwheel app and a box of hands-on materials to do the learning activities, delivered to you monthly. Inside the box, you will find thematic lessons that include hands-on activities for your children. All activities and materials will be organized for you, so it’s easy to use and will cut down on hours of prep. Some of the materials you will receive are picture books, manipulatives, folder games, art supplies, music, and more.

What if I am an Experience Early Learning and brightwheel customer?

If you are an existing Experience Early Learning and brightwheel customer, you should receive access to next month's curriculum the month before, depending on your billing date. See the table below for reference.

Experience Curriculum billing date

When curriculum will be in brightwheel

5th or 10th

12th of the month before the curriculum start date

15th or 20th

22nd of the month before the curriculum start date

After the 20th

30th of the month before the curriculum start date

For example, if you purchased the September 2024 curriculum and your billing date is on August 15th, you should expect to receive curriculum access by the 22nd of August.

Why don't I see my Experience Early Learning lessons in brightwheel?

If you have purchased Preschool and/or Toddler curriculum and do not see the corresponding lessons and activities in your brightwheel app, please check the table above. If your billing date was more than 10 days ago, please please contact our support team. We currently do not have the baby curriculum in the brightwheel app.

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