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Updating to our Newest Learning Experience
Updating to our Newest Learning Experience

Learn about our new Learning experience!

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Learn all about our newest Learning experience and identify key differences between the legacy version of Learning and our updated Learning version.

Will all my learning data transfer over?

All your previous learning data such as Lesson Plans and Lessons transfers directly to the newest Learning version. You can find this information under the Learning Library or the Room plans page.

In addition, all milestones and past observations logged for students will remain the same and can be accessed on the child’s Learning tab or by running a Learning Report.

What are the key differences on the web?

View the chart below for a quick glance at the changes between the legacy learning feature and our newest learning experience!


Legacy Learning

Updated Learning

Lesson Plans

Accessible under the Lesson Plan tab

Accessible under the Library tab


Accessible under the Lessons tab

Changed to Learning Activities

Accessible under the Library tab

Learning Reports

Accessible under the Learning Review tab

Moved under Reporting tab > Student Reports > Learning on the web

(new) Room Plans

Not available in the old version

A unique copy of a Lesson Plan that is assigned to a room.

Located under the Room Plans tab

Lesson Plan Descriptions

Accessible with the Lesson Plan by typing in the open box under each day

Changed to Section Notes

Still accessible from within a lesson plan or room plan

On the newest Learning version, there will be 2 new tabs under Learning on the web:

  • Room Plans: These are unique copies of a lesson plan assigned to a specific room.

  • Library: This is where all your lesson plans and learning activities are located.

    • Lesson Plans: Lesson plans you and your staff can create and utilize across the entire program. Once assigned to a room, a unique copy is created under Room Plans.

    • Learning Activities: Similar to lessons, these are the individual activities that make up a lesson plan.

Another change to note is the Description boxes under each day/section in the Lesson Plan have moved to Section Notes as seen in the images below!

Legacy Learning:

Updated Learning Version:

Instead of typing directly in the Description box, hit the Pencil icon next to Section Notes and add your descriptions in the pop-up box for each day.

Lastly, there will no longer be a Learning Review tab under Learning on the web. Instead, to view the Learning Report, go to Reporting > Student Reports > Learning on the web.

What are the key differences in the brightwheel app?

For the brightwheel app, Learning will look very similar! Staff can still hit the Learning icon from the Rooms page on their app to see any lesson plans assigned to that room and week.

The biggest change is Learning Observations will now be located under Activities instead of Learning.

Find out more about this in our new Logging Observations help center resource.

For more information on our newest Learning experience including how to create lesson plans and learning activities, check out our Learning Overview help center resource!

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