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Directory for brightwheel's Billing Experience
Directory for brightwheel's Billing Experience

[For Admins & Billing Only role] View all help center resources related to brightwheel's Billing platform!

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We take our customer feedback seriously at brightwheel, and one message we heard loud and clear was that we have an opportunity to make the billing experience even better, to ensure it meets the needs of administrators and their evolving programs.

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Below are links to collections of Billing articles that should help you get to know our billing experience even more intimately. With these resources, you should be up and running, and managing your data to day in no time.



Just getting started? Learn all about the 3 easy steps to get setup, configure your settings, manage your deposit account to get paid and more.

Review a collection of articles overviewing various core functions of the Billing feature such as a student's billing account, primary payers, billing reporting, and even how billing data is compatible with Quickbooks Online.

Recently migrated? How exciting! Learn all about the newest billing experience and what options are available to you.

Get ready to start receiving payments through brightwheel! Set up charges, billing plans, late payment fees, and more to best suit your program's needs.

Some situations warrant a correction in the form of a credit, void, or refund. Learn about how to take these actions.

Dive into understanding payments, how they function for siblings, how statements look, what happens when a payments or even when a payment is disputed.

Brightwheel Billing Reporting is robust to provide all the information needed at your fingertips such as data on revenue, payments & credits, charges, invoices, and even custom reporting options to best suit your needs.

Get started with setting up to track and record subsidized payments for your program with your easy-to-use Subsidies management experience.

Assign the Billing Only role to your accountant, bookkeeper, or other financial staff so they can access Billing but nothing else in brightwheel.

Gain insight into various best practices and common FAQs, such as how to avoid payment disagreements and billing with bank accounts outside of the U.S.

Review our comprehensive resources on collecting the data needed from brightwheel, when preparing for tax season as an Admin or Payer

All resources for payers to use that overview using brightwheel Billing, setting up payment methods, making payments, and more.

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