We take our customer feedback seriously at brightwheel, and one message we heard loud and clear was that we have an opportunity to make the billing experience even better, to ensure it meets the needs of administrators and their evolving programs.

How It Works

Below are a list of support articles that should help you get to know our billing experience even more intimately. With these resources, you should be up and running, and managing your data to day in no time.

Getting Set Up

Bill Plans & Charges

Payments & Credits

  • Payments Overview: Accepting online & offline payments

  • Failed Payments & Disputes: Handling failed payments & disputed charges

  • Record Payments: Keep track of offline payments and apply them to invoices

  • Credits: Issue credits on student accounts and apply them toward invoices

  • Refunds: Issue and record refunds for online and offline payments

  • Reminders: Easily send an SMS or email reminder to payers to remind them to pay their past due balance

Reporting & Insights

Parents & Payers



Migrating to V3

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