Switching to a new program
Contacts can access a child’s profile from a new program without losing access to the old profile.
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Student contacts can be added to multiple student profiles from multiple programs. Parents don’t need to deactivate their existing brightwheel accounts or lose access to the old profile if their student switches to another program that uses brightwheel.

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Accessing a new profile

Parents, Family Members, and Approved pickups can be connected to student profiles from multiple programs at once. To gain access to a new profile for a student that has been created by an administrator at a new school or program, take the following steps:

  1. Log into brightwheel

  2. Make a note of the email address or mobile number associated with the existing account
    On the web, this will be visible by clicking Profile and viewing the account info
    On the app, this will be visible by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top left corner, and then selecting Edit Profile to view the account info

  3. Provide this contact info to the new provider. An administrator will be able to use this contact info to add the existing account.

  4. Once the administrator adds that contact info, the contact will be able to view the new profile for the student without making any changes to their existing account or needing to set up a new account.

Managing an old profile

Contacts can be connected to student profiles from multiple programs at once, and contacts don’t need to remove older student profiles in order to gain access to profiles at the new program.

We do not recommend deactivating or deleting a parent account when switching to a new provider. This helps to ensure that parent contacts who prefer to maintain access to historical profiles will be able to do so.

Contacts who prefer to only see current or newest profiles may be able to remove old student profiles. If there is a banner that reads This profile is available to view only, please reach out to the school administrator that the profile belongs to for assistance removing the profile.

Troubleshooting access

Because contacts can be connected to student profiles from multiple programs at once, older student profiles don’t need to be removed in order to gain access to profiles at a new program. Contacts who are having trouble viewing a student’s profile after switching to a new provider can try:

  1. Double-check the login information to make sure it’s the correct account

  2. Ask the administrator at the new program to confirm that the contact info added to the student’s profile is an exact match for the contact info associated with the existing account

  3. Parent-level contacts can ask the administrator to provide the 10-digit invite code for the new student’s profile

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