Remove a Student’s Profile
How a parent contact can remove a student's profile from their account without contacting the program
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There are instances where a student contact may no longer need access to a specific student profile from their account and would like to have it removed. This can be due to transferring schools or an error setting up, resulting in a duplicate profile. If the contact has been set up with parent-level permissions, they may be able to remove a student’s unwanted profile from their brightwheel account on the web as long as the provider that created the student profile has enabled the ability for parents to edit the student profile. This also allows removing other unwanted contacts from the student’s account.

Please Note: Removing a student's profile will result in a loss of access to any historical data, including messages and billing records, immediately. We recommend downloading any billing information, such as your Tax Summary, before removing yourself.

  1. Log in to your account on the web

  2. Select My Children and click on the student profile to be removed

  3. Select the Profile tab

  4. Scroll down to the Contacts section and click Edit

  5. Click Remove on the contact, and click Remove again to confirm

  6. Click My Children from the side menu to refresh the page

The duplicate/old profile will be removed from the child list upon refresh. The student and contact profiles will be unlinked, but the student profile will not be deleted. To fully delete the child's old/duplicate profile, please contact an administrator directly and have them delete the profile.

Please Note: If there is a student profile with no contacts to delete, or if there is a banner that reads 'This profile is available to view only', please reach out to the school administrator for assistance removing the profile.

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