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Switching to a New brightwheel Program as a Student Contact
Switching to a New brightwheel Program as a Student Contact

[For Guardians] Learn how to access a child's profile with a new provider & maintain access to historical profiles at other programs

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A student contact (Parent, Family, or Approved Pickup) can be linked to multiple student profiles across various programs using the same login. Student contacts do not need to deactivate their existing brightwheel account if their student switches to another program that uses brightwheel!

Switching to a new Program

If you're a parent or guardian switching to a new brightwheel program or adding a student profile, please contact the program administrator directly. Only they can manage student profile access.

Please take the steps below to confirm your correct email address, or phone number you use for brightwheel so the new program can add you as a contact with this information to connect your existing account to the student. Or the program can provide you with a 10-digit code to add the profile to your account.

  1. Log in to brightwheel.

  2. Note the email address or mobile number associated with your existing account:

    • On the web, click Profile to view the account's contact information

    • On the app, tap the three horizontal lines, then select Edit Profile to view the account's contact information

  3. Share this contact information with the new program's staff to ensure it is used when you are added as a student contact. This will allow you to see the new student profile.

  4. After being added by the new program, all student profiles (past and present) will be accessible from your existing account, with no need for changes or new accounts 🎉

Remove Old Student Profiles

We do not recommend deactivating or deleting a parent account when switching to a new provider. This helps to ensure that parent contacts who prefer to maintain access to historical profiles will be able to do so.

Contacts who prefer to only see current or newest profiles may be able to remove old student profiles if editing permissions are enabled.

If there is a banner that reads This profile is available to view only, please reach out to the school administrator that the profile belongs to for assistance removing the profile.


Contacts who are having trouble viewing a student’s profile after switching to a new provider are encouraged to:

  • Double-check the login information to make sure it’s the correct account connected to the new program

  • Ask the administrator of the new program to confirm that the contact info added to the student’s profile is an exact match for the contact info associated with the existing account

  • Parent contacts can ask the administrator to provide the 10-digit invite code for the new student’s profile to add the profile themselves

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