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Daily Attendance Summary Report
Daily Attendance Summary Report

Learn how to create, export, or print a Daily Attendance Summary on the web to determine attendance during a 32-day date range

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The Daily Attendance Summary Report allows admins to easily pull a report for attendance based on room and status during any 32-day date range to see the number of students in attendance during that time.

View the Daily Attendance Summary

ℹ️ If a student has check-in for a day, the report will count them as present.

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Click Reporting on the purple menu to open the Reports page

  3. Under the Room reports section, select Daily attendance summary

  4. Select the Date from and Date to
    Please Note: The range cannot be more than 32 days

  5. [Optional] Choose a Room to see students that were in attendance in that specific room and/or Student Status

  6. [Optional] To only report on attendance on weekdays, check the Exclude weekend days box

  7. Click Apply

Please Note: Deleted room(s) check-in/out records will not appear in the Daily Attendance Summary. You can use the Check-in Report to view records in deleted rooms.

Export or Print the Daily Attendance Summary

  1. Follow the steps above to create a report filtered for your needs

  2. If printing:

    1. Click the grey Print button in the top right corner above the report

    2. Adjust your print settings as needed based on your device

  3. If exporting:

    1. Click the gray Export button

    2. Select the File Type (CSV or PDF) using the radio buttons

    3. Select which administrators should receive the report, or use the Add button to add new recipient email addresses

    4. Click the Download button to do so directly in the browser or click the purple Email to button to send to the selected recipients

Fix Attendance Errors

The following attendance errors will be flagged and can be corrected by Administrators from the Daily Attendance Summary:

  • A student was checked in but is missing a check out

  • A student was checked-out but was never checked in (which can happen if the check-in record was delete

  • A student was marked absent on day where a check-in/out record was also logged

At the top of the report, you will see a banner with the total number of errors in the selected time period. You can toggle the switch to only show students with errors.

Please Note: This report may not capture all errors, which is why we recommend making corrections from the Student Activity Feed for a comprehensive view.

To review the type of error that has occurred and correct it:

  1. Follow the steps above to create a report filtered for your needs

  2. Click Fix Error next to the highlighted record
    Please Note: The date the error occurred will be located in the top right-hand corner of the edit box

  3. Click the ✏️ icon to edit the record or click the 🗑 icon to delete the record

  4. If needed, click Cancel to see the original error information

  5. Once the banner at the top of the box reads ✅ Error Fixed, click Save changes

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