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Brightwheel can meet the unique needs of seasonal programs using our Premium subscription. Maintain rosters, billing, and more!

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Seasonal programs and camps have unique needs that impact their adoption of technology. Brightwheel is here to help! Whether it's quickly updating your roster for your next camp session or setting up billing plans that are specific to your camp or program, brightwheel provides the tools you need to quickly and effectively manage the day-to-day operations of your program. 

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Premium Enrollment

Upgrading your brightwheel account to Premium unlocks many incredible features that makes running your program so much smoother! Check out the benefits of our Premium platform here.

If you are a summer camp or other type of seasonal program that does not run year-round, we can help set you up on an annual subscription that charges you once a year at the beginning of your season for the months you will be in operation using brightwheel Premium. For more information or to get set up, please reach out to

To get this conversation off to the right start, please include the following information about your program when you email our sales team:

  1. Operating Months: Let us know the number of months (or weeks) you will be actively using brightwheel. This should include months of operation + prep and post-season wrap-up

  2. Enrollment: Please provide the average enrollment in your program during months of operation

  3. Locations: If you have multiple locations, please provide the above information broken down by location and let us know if you would like this to be billed together or separately

Roster Updating

Unlike typical year-round centers, seasonal programs may need to completely update their roster far more frequently as sessions change. Brightwheel is here to help with fast turnaround of your initial roster uploads and features to makes updates quickly and efficiently. Administrators can quickly update critical information in bulk on the web.

Here is what that process looks like:

  • First Roster: When you set up your brightwheel account, you can submit your roster to us in any format or using our template. See more on this here

  • Bulk Updates Online: Brightwheel enables staff members to update student status and homeroom assignments right from the web. This is great if you use rooms to manage camp sessions or need to mark outgoing students as inactive.   

Please Note: When setting a student's status as Inactive, you are able to filter them out in the app and online, but can still report on their activity in the future. 

Parent Billing

Brightwheel's ledger based billing platform works great for all types of programs regardless of size. Administrators are able to set up statement schedules in bulk for all students attending a specific session of your program. To do this, follow the steps to set up your student's Billing Plans, when doing so, add the end date to be the close of that session. This way parents will not continue to receive bills after the close of the session. If that same student is attending a future session, simply create a new plan for them when you set up billing for that session. 

Creating statement schedules and billing plans in this way allows administrators to add ad-hoc charges for meals, field trips, and other potential charges without having to create and track multiple invoices. Parents will receive a single bill at the end of the statement schedule for all of the charges incurred during that time. 

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