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[For Admins] Learn how to use brightwheel for unique needs like seasonal programs, camps, etc.

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Seasonal programs and camps have unique needs that impact their adoption of technology. Brightwheel is here to help! Whether it's quickly updating your roster for your next camp session or setting up billing plans that are specific to your camp or program, brightwheel provides the tools you need to quickly and effectively manage the day-to-day operations of your program. 

Premium Enrollment

Upgrading your brightwheel account to Premium unlocks many incredible features that makes running your program so much smoother!

If you are a summer camp or other type of seasonal program that does not run year-round, we can help set you up on an annual subscription that charges you once a year at the beginning of your season for the months you will be in operation using brightwheel Premium.

ℹ️ For more information or to get set up, please reach out to

To get this conversation off to the right start, please include the following information about your program when you email our sales team:

  1. Operating Months: Let us know the number of months (or weeks) you will be actively using brightwheel. This should include months of operation + prep and post-season wrap-up

  2. Enrollment: Please provide the average enrollment in your program during months of operation

  3. Locations: If you have multiple locations, please provide the above information broken down by location and let us know if you would like this to be billed together or separately

Managing your Roster

Unlike typical year-round centers, seasonal programs may need to update their roster far more frequently as sessions change. Brightwheel is here to help with fast turnaround of your initial roster uploads and once uploaded, staff at your program can also quickly update critical information in bulk for students when needed.

Managing Billing

Brightwheel's Billing feature is a great solution for all types of programs, regardless of size. Admins can setup Billing plans unique to a specific program session (i.e., a camp).

When creating a billing plan for this purpose, keep these tips in mind:

  • Create billing plan templates that can be reused if helpful!

  • During the plan creation, select all the students the plan will be applicable for at once to save time

  • Select the First payment due date and Last payment due date (the last payment due date being the end of the session)
    💡 The first payment due date can be set in the future. For example if you are setting up plans for a camp that will start in June, you can adjust the plan dates accordingly!

  • Add Dates of Service so it's very clear to payers what time period the invoice is for

  • Billing plans can be edited as needed and charges changed/added

ℹ️ One-time charges can also be used during sessions for one-off fees like registrations, deposits, meals, field trips, etc. that are not apart of the session's regular cost! But be aware that when these are created, if a payer has autopay on, the one-time charge will be added to the next statement so it may be best to only use this during the session duration and not create them in advance.

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