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Preparing for Tax Season
Tax Season Reporting for Providers
Tax Season Reporting for Providers

[For Admins] Learn how to access & export relevant billing reporting to prepare for tax season.

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We’re here to make tax season as easy as possible for you!

This article explains available reporting options for providers, which can be useful for program tax purposes or when generating reports for parents on a student's behalf.

Reporting Options

Brightwheel offers reporting options to gather essential information for tax season. Review each option and its recommended use below, then click to view the applicable steps!

ℹ️ These steps apply to all providers currently on Billing Version 3 or those who migrated from Version 2 to Version 3 in 2023. V2 data transfers seamlessly to V3, showing in the student's billing profile and reports.

Export a Payer Tax Statement (helpful if pulling reporting on behalf a guardian)

This year, brightwheel has simplified tax season for families by providing direct links to year-end tax statements for payers in their brightwheel accounts and enabling admins to access these same statements from their accounts! 🎉

Review our Tax Season Resources for Payers resource to get links to the help center article and PDF in English or Spanish that you can share directly to your families if questions arise!

If a payer is unable to access the statement themself and needs assistance, year-end statements can be accessed from an Admin account following the steps below. Year-end statements cannot be accessed/exported/downloaded in bulk at this time and must be done individually, per student.

  1. Navigate to the applicable student's billing profile
    💡 Open the Billing page from the sidebar, jump to the Students tab, and select the student's name!

  2. Open the Statements tab

  3. Click the Family 2023 payer tax statement link to open a new modal window

  4. Export or Download the statement
    💡Click Download if desired to download the report right in your browser or view the exported copy sent to your account's email address

  5. Share the report with the payer using whatever method is preferred (brightwheel Messaging, email, etc.)

  6. Repeat these steps for each student needed

Export a Revenue Report (best option for admins pulling reporting on behalf of the program)

To pull reporting that quickly and easily shows how much your program received for a given charge category in a specific date range, our Revenue Report is the best option!

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Open the Billing page from the sidebar

  3. Jump to the Reports tab

  4. Click to open the Revenue Report

  5. Update the ‘Start/End date’ filters as needed
    💡 To review revenue for the entire tax year, ensure January 1 to Dec 31 is selected.

  6. Use the ‘Group by’ drop-down filter as needed

  7. Click Apply Filters

  8. Download, Export or Print as needed

    1. To download or export, click the gray Export button

      1. If downloading, simply click Download

      2. If exporting, select recipients from the list, or add email addresses for new recipients and then click the orange Send to button

    2. To print, click the gray Print button

      1. Adjust your print settings and print on your local device

Export a Billing Transactions Report (additional reporting option that just further breaks down what's seen in Revenue Report)

If you need reporting that has more comprehensive information on all transactions that have been recorded on the school's ledger, the Billing Transactions Report is a great option. You can export this report as a CSV and use any spreadsheet software to filter the transaction types like online/offline payments, refunds, and voids.

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Open the Billing page from the sidebar

  3. Jump to the Reports tab

  4. Click to open the Billing Transactions Report

  5. Select the Earliest post date and Latest post date
    💡By default, the dates will be set to list all of the transactions on your account in the last 30 days but to review the entire tax year, ensure January 1 to Dec 31 is selected.

  6. Select the Transaction type(s) that should be included in the report

  7. Set the Student, Room, and Student status filters, if desired

  8. Click Apply Filters

  9. Click the gray Export button

  10. Deselect any fields you don't want to be included in the export

  11. Select recipients from the list, or add email addresses for new recipients

  12. Click the orange Send to button

The exported report will be sent via email and can be opened in Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, or any other spreadsheet tool.

Staff W-2 Forms

  • If you use brightwheel's payroll processing integration via Gusto, your staff will receive their W-2 forms through Gusto. ALL W-2 related questions for your staff should be directed to Gusto.

  • If you are using another payroll provider, please check with them directly to see if W-2s are offered.

ℹ️ Brightwheel's payroll offerings are a complete, easy-to-use payroll solution, enabling providers to automate tax filings, save time, and manage payroll with confidence with the #1 payroll provider for small businesses. In brightwheel, you can track staff timecards and hours, and send that data directly to Gusto to pay your employees! Review our Brightwheel Payroll resource to learn more.

Payer Resources

If you want to share relevant resources with your payers to help them prepare for tax season, view the Tax Resources to share with Parents article. This resource links to a related article and PDF that can be shared directly with payers as needed!

Review all tax-related resources below!

This publication is designed to provide general information regarding the subject matter covered. It is not intended to serve as legal, tax, or other financial advice related to individual situations. Because each individual's legal, tax, and financial situation differs, specific advice should be tailored to the particular circumstances. For this reason, you are advised to consult with your own attorney, CPA, and/or other advisors regarding your specific situation.

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