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Tax Season Reporting for Payers
Tax Season Reporting for Payers

[For Guardians] Learn how to access payer year-end tax statements that include a summary of all transactions in 2023

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We want to ensure you as a brightwheel Guardian and payer are as prepared as possible for tax season with easy access to your statement information. Brightwheel now offers a direct link to your year-end tax statement within your account. 🎉

The statement includes the provider's Employer Identification Number (EIN), if applicable, and all payment activity by all payers for a student in 2023.

Access 2023 Payer Tax Statement

  1. Log in to brightwheel

  2. Open the Payments page

  3. From the Accounts tab, select a student's name to open their account

  4. Click on Statements under the purple balance tile

  5. Click the Your 2023 payer tax statement link to open a new pop-up window

  6. Download or Export the statement

    1. If downloading, click Open download to view the report

  7. Open the exported or downloaded statement

  8. Use the Total Payments (if one payer) or Paid by tiles (if multiple payers) at the top of the statement to determine total payments made in the previous calendar year

  9. Repeat these steps for additional students/programs as needed

Learn more about what's included in the Statement ↓

  • Provider information: includes the program name, physical address and Employer Identification Number (EIN), if applicable.

  • Date Range: the date range selected when generating the report

  • Total Payments: total amount of payments a payer has made in the selected date range and if the student has multiple payers, there may be multiple "Paid by" tiles indicating the total that particular payer paid during the selected date range.

  • All activity: related Payments & Credits activity such as date, who made the payment, the payment method, payment amount, status of the payment, what invoice the payment applied to, how much of the payment was allocated to the invoice, what the payment was for, and dates of service (if applicable).

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