Medications Report

This report exposes medications of students and allows you to filter students based on their current rooms and enrollment status.

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Quickly pull a medications list for an entire classroom using the Medications Report. Any text entered in the Medications field of the Student Profile will be shown on this report in addiction to the student's parent contact information.

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Medications Report

  1. Login online and click on Reports

  2. Choose the Medications report option under Student Reports

  3. Select the desired Room and Status filters

This report will auto update as the filters change. You can Print or Export this report using the grey button located at the top right hand corner of the report. 

Please Note: Text entered in the Medications field on the student profile, such as "N/A" or "None" will not be displayed in this report. 

Custom Medications Report

With brightwheel's powerful Custom Report Builder, it allows administrators to pull medication data within your brightwheel account and offers flexibility to organize that data in a way that best fits your program. Review our Custom Reports Help Center article for more details.

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