The first step in getting started with brightwheel is to set up your rooms.  By creating classrooms, you can assign teachers, staff, and students to specific rooms which allows them to check-in, add activities, and message parents

The fastest way to create rooms and assign students to them is through our easy Roster Upload Tool. This allows you to add students and their room assignments, all at once, plus so much more. 

You can also easily add, edit, and remove rooms at any time from the app or online.  Checkout our Managing Rooms article for more information. 

Setting Up Classrooms

Once you have created your rooms, there is so much more you can do:

  1. Room Ratios and Capacity: Set custom maximums for each room's capacity and desired student to staff ratio. 

  2. Room Check and Ratios: Check your ratios per room at anytime with real time data to ensure you are maintaining proper staff to student ratios.

  3. Room Feed and Approval: Staff Only posts are a great way to ensure that admins can approve posts before they are sent to a parent. This feature also lets you quickly edit posts right from the Room Feed.

  4. Room Device Mode: Requiring staff to log in and out of their accounts on shared devices can be a hassle.  That's why we created the Room Device Mode, this allows staff assigned to a specific room to share a device and still post and send messages as themselves. No more shared logins!

  5. Room Settings: Decide how best to sort your student list on the app, these settings are specific to a single room.

  6. Enrollment Status Filters: By assigning enrollment statuses for each student you can filter which students display in the mobile app and throughout the web by sorting based on their status. Say goodbye to cluttered lists of students who are no longer attending your school.

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