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Log an Activity

You can log an activity from a specific child's feed or directly from the Room to share to multiple students' feeds at once!

Log an Activity for the Daily Feed

  1. Select a Room

  2. Click the Add Activity wheel

  3. Select an Activity

  4. Tag an individual, some, or all of the children

  5. Log the activity

Activity Types

  • Photo

    Take a picture in-app or upload from your device's gallery and share it with parents to give them updates on their child's day. Multiple photos can be selected from your device's gallery to upload at one time.

    • Parents can use the ♥️ option to like a photo or video posted to their child's feed!


    Record a video in-app or upload it from your device's gallery. Let parents experience those special moments from anywhere! Multiple videos can be selected from your device's gallery to upload at one time. Uploads can be up to 30 seconds in length, or up to 100MB. If your video exceeds these limits, an error will occur when attempting to upload.

  • Observation*

    Enables educators to log student observations in accordance with a set of state standards or learning frameworks.

  • Food

    Create custom food menus and track meal types and items for students. The Premium version of this feature allows for CACFP tracking

  • Nap†

    Record the start and end times of naps and quickly be able to see who is napping or not with the nap icon that appears next to the student's profile icon when in progress.

  • Potty

    Track diaper changes and potty breaks.

  • Note

    Add notes to easily communicate with your parents about daily activities and important information. 

  • Kudos

    Give your students recognition for doing a good job and share it with their parents. 

  • Custom*

    Create custom tags to log specific activities affiliated with your school or program.

  • Meds

    Provide updates on medication given, what time, and any specific notes to provide parents with peace of mind their children are getting the care they need.

  • Name to Face*†

    Internally document students' whereabouts and mark them as Here/Away. This can be used to document whereabouts on field trips, if a staff member takes a child from the classroom to the bathroom, etc. This activity type will only be visible to staff.

  • Incident*

    Log an incident for the parents and/or staff to be aware of.

  • Health Checks

    Track and monitor student health by providing temperature readings and any specific notes.

*Premium Features
†Cannot be logged for a future date or time

Edit or Delete Actions

You can edit or delete actions from the web or mobile app.  Learning Observations are the only activity that requires editing specifically on the mobile app.

To perform these actions on the app:

  1. From your home roster, select the appropriate student to view their activity feed Please Note: If you are an administrator - from the Administrator Home, click into Rooms, use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to select the appropriate room, and then select the student.

  2. Locate and click the specific activity to be edited/deleted

  3. In the pop-up window, click Edit Activity or Delete

  4. If editing, the following actions can be taken:

    1. Update the Time
      Please Note: Android users will first need to confirm the date in order to edit the time

    2. Add/update the Note

    3. Uncheck/check the Staff Only box

    4. When finished, click Update Activity

  5. If deleting...

    1. Click Delete in the pop-up confirmation window to complete the request

To perform these actions on the web:

  1. Navigate to the My School > Rooms tab

  2. Select the desired room from the list

  3. Select and open the Feed tab

  4. Use the 'Date From', 'Date To', 'Activity type', and 'Staff Only' filter options to narrow down the results

  5. Locate and click Edit next to the appropriate activity

    1. If editing, make the desired changes and click Save when finished
      Please Note: Edit options are limited to date, staff only, and notes at this time.

    2. If deleting, click the Delete Activity option at the bottom of the pop-up to complete the request

Please Note: Administrators can follow these same steps to edit or delete a photo uploaded by a parent to a student's feed.

Nap Icons

When you log an action to start a nap, you will see a small sleeping baby icon appear in the top left-hand corner of that child's profile picture in the room view.  With these nap icons, you will be able to quickly see who is napping and when. You can record a new action to select all awake or asleep in one click!


Can I record actions for multiple children at once?

Yes. Every action from the activity wheel allows you to select one, multiple, or all children during the recording. Actions are only recorded within the selected children’s activity feeds. 

Who will see the recorded actions or photos?

Recorded actions and photos will only post within the feeds of the children you tagged. Each child's feed can only be viewed by teachers, parents, and guardians connected to their profile.

What are Staff Only posts?

The Staff Only check box offers your more control over which posts can be viewed by parents and when. Learn how to enable and disable staff-only posts here. The Name to Face activity type is only visible to staff, by default.

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