Why are there only some state standards and when will my state standards be available?

The initial launch of the Observation tool includes early learning frameworks used by the the greatest number of brightwheel schools - California, Desired Results Developmental Profiles (DRDP), Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas. If your school is not in one of these states, rest assured that the brightwheel team is hard at work importing every state’s standards to ensure teachers everywhere have access to this valuable feature. 


Since our initial launch the brightwheel team has been diligently working to expand our selection of state standards, we are up to 15 standards and counting!

  • Desired Results Developmental Profiles (DRDP) - Infant/Toddler & Preschool
  • California - Infant/Toddler & Preschool
  • Texas - Infant/Toddler & Preschool
  • Pennsylvania - Infant/Toddler & Preschool
  • New Jersey - Infant/Toddler & Preschool
  • Michigan - Infant/Toddler & Preschool
  • Arizona - Infant/Toddler & Preschool
  • Indiana - Infant/Toddler & Preschool
  • South Carolina - Infant/Toddler & Preschool
  • Illinois - Preschool
  • Virginia - Preschool
  • Florida
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Washington

Stay tuned for updates from brightwheel’s customer success team! In the meantime, if there are additional learning frameworks you’d like to see in brightwheel, send us a suggestion at [email protected].

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