Default learning standards and framework(s) can be selected on the web or mobile app. The framework can be set or updated at any time from the School Profile or while logging an Observation. Watch our Learning Overview video for a comprehensive look into selecting frameworks, logging observations, and running an observation report.

Please Note: The Early Learning Framework is the default option and cannot be deselected.

Table of Contents

Set Standards on the Web

  1. Click to expand My School on the purple sidebar menu

  2. Select Settings

  3. Jump to the School Info tab

  4. Select the desired framework(s) using the drop-down under Learning Settings

Once selected, the framework(s) will be applied automatically!

Set Standards on the App

Set Framework under the School Profile

  1. From the Administrator Home screen, tap School Profile

  2. Tap Learning Frameworks under the 'School Settings' section

  3. Click to select the desired framework(s)

  4. Go back when finished

  5. Click Save in the top right corner of the School Profile page

Update Framework from Observations

  1. On the mobile app, navigate to the room the framework will be set for

  2. Tap the Learning tab

  3. Tap the Observation icon

  4. Choose the student(s) you wish to log the observation for and tap Next

  5. In the upper right-hand corner, tap Select Framework (for Android) or the โš™๏ธ icon (for iOS)

  6. Select the desired framework
    Please Note: On iOS, the framework will be auto-applied once selected. On Android, click Apply

  7. Once the desired framework is applied, complete the observation form

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