Learn how to track and report on student incidents, along with collecting guardian signatures!

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Programs can track incident data for guardians and/or staff to be aware of! This is helpful for documenting accidents, injuries, or unusual incidents required for maintaining a safe and licensing compliant environment for children.

Log an Incident

Staff can log student incidents on the go or from the web. These incidents will appear on the student activity feed for other staff to see and can be shared with guardians unless marked "Staff Only."

Visit the Log Activities Help Center for guidance on logging incidents.

Incident Reporting

Once Incident activities have been logged, a list of Incidents can be exported.

  1. Choose Downloads under the Other Reports section

  2. Select the Type of Activity > Incidents

  3. Select the date range

  4. Select the Room or All

  5. Enter the email that you wish to send the report

  6. Click Submit

💡 Leverage Custom Reports to customize the data exported alongside Incidents. Check out our sample Custom Incident Report HERE to customize your exported incident data effortlessly.

Collect Guardian Signatures

For programs that utilize their own incident report template, these can be uploaded as a Fillable Document and digitally signed by guardians. Once a Fillable Document is created, portions can be pre-filled with details of the incident before sending.

Only the family selected will see the pre-filled fields and they won’t be editable by the parent. Once shared, the fields reset, allowing you to prefill a new form for a different family.

ℹ️ Please see our guide on creating Fillable Documents with pre-filled sections for steps.

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