Manage Billing Notifications

[For Admins + Billing Only Roles] Learn automatic billing notifications, weekly invoice digest and how to to manage notification settings.

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Program administrators receive automatic email updates on key student and family billing activity!

Plus, every Saturday, admins receive a weekly Billing Digest email summarizing the invoices scheduled to post for the upcoming week and prompting to make any changes before they post, saving time down the road.

ℹ️ Billing notifications are turned ON by default. Turning OFF billing notifications will disable ALL billing email notifications for that specific user, at that specific program location. Any other staff looking to update this setting will want to do so from their brightwheel account.

Turn On/Off Billing Email Notifications

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Navigate to the Billing tab

  3. Click to open Billing Settings

  4. Under 'Your Billing Notifications' toggle Receive all billing notifications ON/OFF as needed

  5. If disabling, click Yes, opt out in the pop-up window

🚩 Parents and Payers do not have the option to manage or customize their billing notification settings at this time.


Billing notifications are turned ON but I am not receiving any notification emails.

If you have confirmed that the billing notification setting is turned on and the email was not routed to the spam folder but you are still not receiving emails, please email so the brightwheel Support Team can assist you further.

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