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Most childcare centers receive subsidy payments from state, federal, and/or local agencies. Managing these invoices and payments requires a fully different set of tools and features than managing invoices and payments from a student’s family. However, at the end of the day, agency payments affect a school’s income and revenue similarly.

Brightwheel now offers a brand new Subsidies payment management tool that helps administrators simplify managing their agency payments by giving them a complete picture of agency invoices, balances, and payments right from within brightwheel billing. Subsidies will be fully integrated with bill plans, student profiles, and reports.

This improved Subsidies experience enables Administrators to:

  • Add Agencies as payers for specific students.

  • Create bill plans for agencies

  • Log agency payments more easily.

  • Filter student profiles and billing reports for agency invoices and payments.

Table of Contents

Subsidies Dashboard

Click to open the Billing page on the purple sidebar menu and jump to the Subsidies tab. On this page, you will see a list of all existing agencies and the ability to Add agency.

The list will include the following information for each individual agency:

  • Agency: the name of the agency

  • Students: the number of students with the agency attached as a payer

  • Open Invoices: # of invoices that are posted but not Paid and are assigned to the agency

  • Unpaid: any unpaid open invoices owed by the agency

  • Available Payments: sum of all payments (and partial payments) that have been logged on behalf of the agency but not yet applied to an invoice

  • Balance: $ Delta between unpaid and available

  • Actions menu: allows you to select View account and view recent transactions, upcoming invoices, and agency information

Agency Summary

By clicking an agency from within the list, you will be able to view the agency's profile in more detail and view their balance across all students they're attached to.

  • Transactions tab: will show the balance across any students the agency is attached to

  • Upcoming invoices tab: will show all upcoming invoices posting soon for any students the agency is attached to

  • Agency info tab: contains the agency's contact information added during the initial creation. This can easily be edited by clicking Edit from this tab at any time.

  • Invoices tab: will show posted invoices and allow the ability to Log a Payment, View/Edit, Bill Another Payer, Waive, or Void right from the agency summary

  • Payments tab: will show all logged payments the agency has made for any students they are attached to

Payer Type

In this improved experience, agencies can be added as payers to a student's billing account, much like a parent or family member can be. Therefore, a new concept introduced in this experience is the ability to view information on student billing profiles and in reports by filtering for the 'Payer type'. The types of payers are as follows:

  • Private Payers: any payer attached to a student contact, such as a parent, family member, etc., that is not an agency-payer

  • Agency Payers: any agencies added as a payer, attached to a student's billing profile

  • All payers: a combination of both Private and Agency Payers

Agencies and Bill Plans

As part of this new subsidies feature, we are simplifying and unifying the bill plan flow so that agencies no longer have a separate process. You can now create a billing plan and assign charges in the plan to an agency, much like how charges can be assigned across private payers for a given student. Bill plans will function largely the same way for agencies as they do for private payers, except for the fact that when invoices post, there will not be an email or text sent.


You can easily pull reporting at any time for a specific agency, student, or program as a whole. There is a new Payer type filter option in the following reports that will allow you to filter the report results by Private payers, Agency payers, or All payers.

Additional Subsidies Resources

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