Delete a Subsidy Agency

[For Admins + Billing Only Role] Learn how to manage and delete subsidy agencies when they are no longer needed for subsidy payments.

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Brightwheel now offers a Subsidies payment management tool that helps administrators simplify managing their agency payments by giving them a complete picture of agency invoices, balances, and payments right from within brightwheel billing. Subsidies will be fully integrated with bill plans, student profiles, and reports.

If a specific subsidy agency is no longer needed, it can easily be deleted by an Admin or Billing Only staff role by following the steps below.

Delete Agency

ℹ️ Agencies can only be deleted if there are zero open invoices and no active billing plans. If an agency is attempted to be deleted and this criteria is not met, a pop-up will appear advising how to resolve what's needed to move forward with deletion.

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Open the Subsidies page

  3. Locate the applicable agency in the Subsidies list

  4. Click the Actions drop-down menu next to the applicable agency

  5. Select Delete agency and then Yes, delete this agency in the popup

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