Troubleshoot Login Issues

[For all users] Learn troubleshooting paths if you are having trouble with password resets, or signing into your account

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We know speed bumps when signing in to your brightwheel account can be frustrating.

If you face issues accessing your account or are locked out due to problems with the two-factor (2FA) verification code or your login credentials, please follow our recommended troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshoot Verification Code Errors

To learn more about how to solve issues with your 6-digit verification code at sign-in, visit our Troubleshooting 2FA code at Login resource.

Troubleshoot Login Errors

If you attempt to enter your username and password, you may see one of the error messages below.

Sign in failed - Warning

If you see an error message stating "Sign In Failed. You have entered the wrong password. You have X more attempts until your account is locked", this means additional attempts with an incorrect password will lock the account.

To resolve, make sure you are entering the correct password, or reset your password.

💡 Avoid relying on saved passwords, which may be out of date.

Sign in failed - Account Locked

If you see an error message stating, "Sign in Failed. Too many incorrect attempts. To log in, you must reset your password by clicking Forgot password below", this means your account is locked until the password is reset.

To resolve, reset your password and login again.

ℹ️ When this error occurs, you'll receive an automatic email titled "brightwheel - Blocked Sign In Attempt" advising of the blocked attempt.

Troubleshoot Password Resets

If an error is encountered while attempting to reset the login password, follow the applicable troubleshooting steps below to complete the reset process.

Reset Email Not Received

If no email is received after selecting Forgot Password on the web or app sign-in, try these tips:

  1. Search the email inbox and spam folders for an email from and the subject: brightwheel - Reset Password Instructions

  2. Make sure the reset password link was sent to the same email address used to create the brightwheel account.

  3. Manually type in the email address associated with the account, do not use predictive text or auto-fill features as these may add a space to the end of the entry causing issues

  4. Follow these steps to try whitelisting the brightwheel email address.

Reset SMS Text Not Received

If you set up an account with only a mobile phone number, the password reset link will be sent via SMS text. Only student contacts are able to create their accounts using a verified mobile phone number, rather than an email address. When setting your password, instead of entering an email address in the Forgot Password field, the 10-digit mobile phone number should be entered.

ℹ️ If you are a staff member, you'll need to request a password reset for the email address linked to your staff account. Staff can only login to brightwheel with an email address.

Check if there's an email tied to the account. If both email and authenticated number are associated with an account, password resets go to the email inbox. If you don't get it, you might've unsubscribed from brightwheel texts. To resubscribe, find past messages where you replied 'STOP' and text 'START' to re-subscribe. Brightwheel texts come from various numbers, so please re-subscribe to all 'STOP' replies. Once re-subscribed, request a password reset again.

Invalid Token Error

The reset password link expires after a few hours. If an error message about the password reset token appears, typically this means the reset password link is no longer valid. If this is the case, please request a new link from the app or web sign-in page.

Troubleshoot Staff Login Issues

Account Removed

If you are a staff member and receive a blank page with the brightwheel logo and the options to Logout or Try Again then that means your account has been removed from the school.

To resolve this, please contact a program Admin to ask about being added back to the school.

💡If needing to use the email for a different program or a Guardian account, please contact the brightwheel Support team advising you need your account deactivated/deleted.

No Rooms Assigned

If you are a staff member seeing the error message 'You do not have access to any rooms. Please contact your administrator to get access to rooms, or login to the web experience" with the options to Logout or Try Again at the bottom - this is happening because your staff account has been created but not assigned to any rooms at the program.

To resolve, contact a program Admin and ask that they assign you applicable rooms (at least one room) to permit you to log in to your account.

If you have tried all available options to get logged in but are still having trouble, please Contact Support for assistance.

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