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View Billing Statements as a Parent
View Billing Statements as a Parent

[For Guardians] Learn how to view and use billing statements as a monthly snapshot or to view detailed transaction info over the year.

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Statements are generated on a monthly basis and record all transaction activity (including invoices, charges, payments, credits, refunds, and adjustments) for each student within that month. Parents are able to view current and historical statements, and parents will receive emailed statements each month.

Statements vs. Invoices

Statements & Invoices serve different purposes:

  • Statements show the status of a student account at a point in time. Statements are generated monthly, and include all transactions (invoices/charges, payments and credits) that occurred between the first and last date of the month, as well as the start and ending account balance.

  • Invoices are bills that go out requesting payment from payers for specific charges/services that were provided. When a payer pays the invoice, they pay the charges within it. It then serves as a source of record that those specific charges have been paid. Invoices go out in accordance with the Bill Plan and/or any time a one-off charge is processed.

View Billing Statements

  1. Navigate to the Payments page on the web or mobile app

    1. On the app, click the menu at the top of the page and then Payments

  2. Open or ensure you are on the relevant student's profile

  3. Scroll down and open the Statements tab (underneath the My current balance tile)

  4. Locate the desired statement(s)

  5. Click View to open the statement(s) in a new tab

  6. Download or Print the statement(s)

Statement Details

Statements include the following information for a monthly period:

  • Student Name

  • School Information: Name, Address, EIN

  • Statement sent on date

  • Statement period

  • Balance Summary

    • Balance as of [first day of new month]

    • Total charges ​(also contained in the tile to the right)

    • Payments

    • Total Credits

    • Total Charges

    • New balance total (also contained in the tile to the right)

  • Activity

    • Date posted

    • Due date

    • Dates of Service (if part of recurring bill plan)

    • Invoice #

    • Charge Description

    • Charge Amount


My statement does not include Dates of Service. How can I get these added?

If Dates of Service are not currently listed on your invoices, we recommend that you reach out to your program directly to ask that they be added. Brightwheel is a tool that schools use to manage all of their own billing, and is not authorized to make any changes to any account. Your program creates and manages all transactions (including charges, refunds, late fees, credits, and offline payments) and will be able to assist you!

💡 We understand it may be confusing to know when to reach out to your program and when to reach out to brightwheel. Here is a guide that we hope helps to clarify this!

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