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Who should parents contact with billing questions?
Who should parents contact with billing questions?

[For Guardians] Determine which questions brightwheel can help with and which should be directed to the provider

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If your provider has elected to use brightwheel Billing, it can be confusing to know who you need to reach out to for answers. This guide should help answer those questions!

When to Contact the Program

Programs are responsible for the creation and management of all charges and refunds. Since each program sets its own tuition rates and fees, the Administrators will be the most knowledgeable about the charges on your bill. The program is also responsible for issuing credits or refunds.

Some common questions you may ask your program:

  • This tuition amount looks incorrect - the discount is missing. Can you fix this?

  • Why is my tuition different this month?

  • What is this fee for?

  • My child was not at the program during this time period, can you adjust my bill?

  • I accidentally clicked the “Pay Now” button twice - can you refund my money?

  • I didn’t realize the amount of the processing fee when paying by credit card. Can you refund my payment so I can pay with a check?

  • How can I turn off mandatory autopay?

  • I need my payment refunded. Can you help?

  • I need to cancel/reverse a payment/charge. Can you help?

  • How can I update the payer assigned to an invoice?

  • How can I update the primary payer on my child's billing account?

It's important to note that for a payment that is currently in a Pending/Processing status, neither brightwheel nor the program has any ability to cancel/stop/reverse the pending charge. The charge must be marked as Paid in order for your program to take action on it.

The program is responsible for administering all refunds to parents. If charges overdraw your account, we recommend that you work with the program to form a resolution, as brightwheel is not responsible for any overdraft fees.

You can find more information about Avoiding Payment Disagreements in this linked article. We’d also recommend referencing the Tuition Program Payment Terms included in our Terms of Service for more information regarding our tuition and fee collection policies.

When to Contact brightwheel

The brightwheel Support team is here to support you with your billing-related questions and needs.

Some common questions you may ask brightwheel:

  • How can I verify my bank account? I haven’t seen the micro-deposits added yet.

  • Where can I find a summary of payments for my taxes?

  • I no longer wish to use autopay but cannot turn the setting off. Can you remove my payment method?

While Mandatory Autopay is a setting that is controlled by your program, if you wish to remove a payment method while on autopay, brightwheel’s Support team can help with this!

If your program is on our newest billing platform, you can also refer to our Billing v3: Parent FAQs resource for common questions and answers. Parents can reach Support directly by emailing

For Programs

  • If you are the program Administrator and need assistance verifying your deposit account, please reach out to

  • If you are involved in a dispute regarding credit card charges, please review our Disputed Charges resource and/or reach out to

  • If you no longer wish to receive online payments, brightwheel Support can assist you with completing the steps to remove your program’s deposit account. Once you've logged into your administrator account, you can start a conversation with our Support team to initiate this process.

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