Some providers may prefer to maintain physical copies of submitted forms or contracts or save it in an external location in addition to brightwheel. While document requests can be downloaded directly from the submission and printed, copies of contracts and form submission can be quickly emailed to the logged-in user where they will receive a PDF copy of the submission. From here they will be able to print or download the file as needed.

The fastest way to locate the desired form submission will be directly from the form/contract’s submission page:

  1. Navigate to the Admissions page and choose Forms & Requests

  2. Click on the desired form or contract to view its submissions

  3. Locate the submission desired and choose Print from the Actions drop-down

  4. Confirm by clicking Yes, email me, this will send an email to the logged-in email address with the submission attached

The email containing the attachment(s) will arrive in a few minutes with the subject line Printing [Form Name] for [Student Name]. If you do not see it in your inbox after a few minutes, try searching for that subject line or checking your spam filter.

To print directly from your email, click on the attachment to open a preview and click the print icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Please Note: Contract submissions will have 2 attachments: 1 for the contract and another for the additional fields that were completed along with the contract.

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